Inside the Cooper Cup deal

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The Rams continue to find a way to pay their best players. This week they signed defensive tackle Aaron Donald and receiver Cooper Cobb to new contracts.

We’ve taken a look at the details of the Kupp deal. Here they are, according to a source familiar with the deal:

1. Signature bonus: $20 million.

2. Base salary for 2022: $10 million, fully guaranteed upon signature.

3. 2023 offseason 90 players bonus: $5 million, fully guaranteed upon signing.

4. Base salary for 2023: $15 million, injury-guaranteed upon signing and fully guaranteed early in the league year 2023.

5. 2024 Offseason 90 Players Bonus: $5 million, fully guaranteed early in the league year 2023.

6. Base salary for 2024: $15 million, fully guaranteed at the start of 2023 in the league.

7. 2025 90-player roster bonus: $7.5 million, $5 million of which is fully guaranteed at the start of the 2024 league year.

8. Base salary for 2025: $12.5 million.

9. 2026 Nominee Reward for 90 players: $5 million.

10. Base salary for 2026: $14.85 million.

It’s a five-year contract worth $109.85 million, with a full $35 million guarantee upon signing. Another $20 million becomes fully guaranteed in March 2023, with another $5 million due fully in March 2024.

The five-year contract pays out $21.97 million per year. In the new money applied to the three-year extension, $80.1 million, it pays out an average of $26.7 million per year.

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