“It doesn’t matter if there is less sensitivity because…”

And foot problems did not prevent Rafael Nadal from raising the Knights Cup to the sky for the 14th time in his career. His success at Roland Garros allowed Mallorcans to win the 22nd Championship and increase their advantage over Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the title fight.

The Swiss and the Serbian are both restricted to 20 years old and there is no doubt that Nadal, especially given the passage of time, has outpaced his historic rivals. The Spaniard, in order to play Roland Garros, underwent an astonishing number of offsides. Systematic infiltration of the nerve is performed with the anesthetized foot.

Nadal has revealed that he is no longer ready to go down that path and that he will try to find a new solution with his medical team in the coming weeks. In an exclusive interview with OA Sport, Paolo Bertolucci spoke about Nadal’s record and Djokovic’s future.

Inevitably, the events that marked the beginning of the Serbian season were not given due weight. Djokovic was unable to participate in the Australian Open due to the final visa decision made directly by Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

Rafa becomes the biggest Roland Garros champion ever

In a recent interview with the ATP, Rafael Nadal was asked if he thinks life after tennis is more attractive given the pain he is in at the moment. “I imagine it because I’ve had it a few times in my career when I was out of competition with injuries.

Rafael Nadal, the 14-time French Open champion, said to detail the risks associated with injecting anesthesia.

“You have foot control, but you don’t have sensitivity. There may be a little bit more risk when it comes to spraining my ankle. Just as I play, with my feet asleep, it doesn’t matter if there is less sensitivity because I go from being lame to being painless.”

It can’t be extended over time, but I was able to win the championship because I could move around and run. This did not happen in Madrid or Rome. In a recent interview, the Frenchman hailed the Spaniard as the greatest athlete of all time.

While talking about his greatness, the Frenchman compared Nadal to legends like Muhammad Ali, Pele and Michael Jordan. “For me, Rafael Nadal has achieved the greatest feat in the entire history of the sport. Period. He’s above me, Pele or Jordan,” said Guy Forget.

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