It looks like Tottenham have won the Grand Prix of Spence

Tottenham Hotspur appeared to have settled on the wing-back, and while Fabio Barracci and Antonio Conte went in and secured a confirmed winner on the left in the name of Ivan Perisic, the scattered gun hit a much smaller target on the right.

According to Will Unwin of WatchmanTottenham and Middlesbrough have agreed a deal for right-back and England Under-21 player Jed Spence.

First, hats off to Will. Looks like he’s on vacation and had to write this down on a bus. Good people don’t depend on a great story. According to him, the deal revolves around what was expected.

Tottenham have agreed a deal to buy Spence’s grandfather from Middlesbrough, for £20m. The England Under-21 right-back ended a season on loan at Nottingham Forest last month, where he played a key role in their promotion to the Premier League.

Spence, who was born in London and was at Fulham’s academy, is one of the most respected young defenders in the country and was named on Thursday to the FFP Championship Team of the Season.

Spence will be considered a local player, which helps considering the club has at least one Harry Winks issued. He’s a big guy at 6’1″ (1.85 metres) and will give Spurs a depth of quality behind either Matt Doherty or Emerson Royal to survive the summer as the other fullback.

£20m is not buying a lottery ticket. This is a purchase made by the club when it believes the player can contribute at the moment. Nottingham Forest wanted him back badly for his return to the Premier League, but Spence has played in the tournament for the past three seasons on a largely consistent basis and had enough of an eye as it was clear he wanted to take the next step.

Wages are not expected to be an issue here. The reported range for his weekly salary was anywhere from £3,000 per week to £5,000 per week, so he would receive one payment of his salary regardless of what Spurs agreed to.

If you want to see some numbers, Statsbomb dropped his radar in February. In general, it looks very good.

This statement about Boro’s lack of interest is very accurate. Isaiah Jones is pretty good so Burrow was swimming in talent for the position. They are happy to make the money and use it elsewhere after finishing seventh in the tournament.

Expect word from the medical schedule and agreed wages for the next two days. And as usual: no one is moving.

Update (1:40 PM): Well, who moved? Gold doesn’t quite throw cold water on this one, but it says pump the brakes up a bit.

Romano seems to agree as well.

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