It would have been better for EA Sports not to push these kids away from Madden

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The quality of the ‘play’ in the latter’s Madden clips seems questionable.
screenshot: EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts

The madden Franchising in recent years has demonstrated the necessity of real competition for capitalism to function properly. madden He hasn’t competed with another NFL video game franchise since then NFL 2K5. Some people have fond memories of that game, although I personally think that’s the wannabe crowd of jazz-lovers who discovered as adults with bills there was more money to be had for being somewhat traditional. Regardless of personal feelings about NFL2K series, raidsAnd the Unnecessary roughnessWhatever it is, at least for a while EA Sports has been in competition with another video game.

Since 2006, madden It is the only video game franchise with NFL image rights and likeness. abslyotly sure All Pro Football 2K8 He had legends in the game, but John Elway wasn’t in the Denver Broncos and Jerry Rice wasn’t on the San Francisco 49ers. The lack of competition led to complaints about the gameplay for many years from those who still buy Madden annually. Sure, the graphics are great now that there’s a third generation XBox and a fifth generation Playstation, but that doesn’t mean the gameplay has made the same huge leap.

Some clips of the game were released recently and Marlon Humphrey was upset with the “there’s a truth joke” kind of thing. He usually has a lot of fun on Twitter, like recently when he retweeted a photo Quander Diggs white luster kings of air. Humphrey is marked in a section of Madden 23 He showed him sticking to Nick Chubb’s truck. His pride may have been hurt a little, and he jokingly threatened to sue EA Sports for something likely to happen if he got stuck in a tight one-on-one space with Chubb, who finished second in the NFL last season after yards. contact for each attempt.

Humphrey has the right to go crazy, though the game will catch him that far. Any corner would run straight into CHP in the open field without bending his knees in any way. Chubb wouldn’t simply run on that player, he would put him in the ground like one of the rods that measured down and distance. Humphrey’s defensive awareness must be 4 if that’s how he approaches the intervention.

If that’s what insulted him, Humphrey has every right to demand that EA Sports take him out madden The game before he sues – even if his presence in the game is a collectively negotiated part of his contract. The company tried make peace with him He tweeted a clip of him tackling Chubb and preventing him from being caught. No luck EA, get the lawyers to the test.

He may still be angry because this interference is bad. Look at his hands, they never open. Who deals with a person with a fist. The whole sequence is naughty and doesn’t look like a professional play but that wasn’t the worst of it Madden 23 pins.

In another Baltimore Ravens clip posted by EA on Twitter, Lamar Jackson is moving more realistically than he would have moved in NFL Gameday ’98. Jackson puts his right leg wide as if he were going to put a basketball between his legs, although, as a true midfielder, he runs a lot harder than that. The next player to appear in this clip is Christian McCaffrey. He breaks a tackle, but the defensive player who dribbles him never touches him. It’s as if the two magnets repel each other as the defensive player tries to contact McCaffrey. Then, for some reason, the 49ers defender has no credit.

madden It’s been a video game franchise since Tom Toba was the first quarterback to be selected in the NFL draft. Most people with a passing interest in sports have loved the game and it has become a part of American culture in the last 30 years. Nice story, but if the game has more than 30 more years in it, maybe let’s focus less on pre-mods and more on the game that feels like football.

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