Jokesmakers prefer Fedorov to be the next Red Wings coach

Hockey Night In Canada Eliot Friedman perfectly summed up what it’s like trying to decipher the movements of Detroit Red Wings General Manager Steve Wasserman.

Who knows what Steve Yserman will do? Friedman said he co-hosted Jeff Marek during the 32nd podcast by discussing who might be the next Red Wings coach.

Though, the Oddsmakers think they have an idea. A betting line has been drawn up on who will be named the next Detroit coach and the name at the top is baffling, to say the least.

Sergey Fedorov, Yzerman’s old teammate of the Red Wings, is on the +350 favorites. This season, in his first training as a coach, Fedorov led CSKA Moscow to the Premier League title. He was named KHL Coach of the Year.

Odds for the next Detroit Red Wings coach

Fitness Trainer Prospect
Sergey Fedorov +350
Peter Debor +400
Bruce Cassidy +450
Barry Trotz +600
Ricard Grunberg +600
Rick Touchet +1000
Travis Green +1000
Benoit Grolux +1100
Paul Morris +1100
Mike Vellucci +1100
Derek Lalonde +1200
Roger Runberg +1400
Patrick Roy +3300

For those who are not very good at betting, it is wise to remember that the odds are not set based on who is most likely to get the job. Oddsmakers create betting lines based on where the move is going. In other words, where or on whom to bet the money.

Fedorov’s favorite of the Red Wings

It is highly unlikely that Yzerman will hire Fedorov. Besides his lack of coaching experience, there is still bitterness within the organization over how Fedorov left Detroit as a free agent in 2003 after turning down an offer that would have made him the highest-paid player in the NHL. Yzerman and Fedorov weren’t quite as tight on ice during their playing days. A coach and general manager is required to interact on a daily basis.

Bruce Cassidy’s sudden (+450) expulsion by the Boston Bruins has surely thrown a monkey punch into the plans of all the NHL teams currently involved in a coaching quest. There was no doubt that it would interest the Red Wings. Cassidy is known to be a tough coach, but one criticism I’ve heard of his work with the Bruins was that he didn’t get along well with the younger players on the team.

Barry Trotz (+600) is another thing you can probably omit from your Detroit list. Trotz has his choice of whatever job available in the NHL he desires. He is 61 years old and will not be looking forward to joining a rebuilding club like the Red Wings.

Lalonde offers a curious value

There is definitely some value in this board of possibilities. For example, Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coach Derek Lalonde is an interesting option at +1200. Former ECHL Toledo Walleye head coach, Lalonde was brought into the Tampa Bay crew by Yzerman when he was Lightning’s GM.

Laserman notes the fact that he has a preference for hiring people he knows and can trust.

“I find it hard to hire people you don’t really know, have not worked with (unlike) someone I’ve worked closely with and kind of know the way I want to get things done or the way I do it,” said Laserman.

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