Kevin Dimoff, COO of Rams, says major off-season contracts and signings are not a “sustainable” model.

After the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl LVI victory over the Bengals at home, they wanted to keep the momentum going and made moves in hopes of turning back. They haven’t slowed down in the off-season, something even top team officials know isn’t something they can do every year.

They signed wide receiver from Bears free agent Allen Robinson, and gave All-Pro DT Aaron Donald, quarterback Matthew Stafford and Broad Futures Cooper Cobb Deals Monster.

Kevin Demoff, COO, says he knows this isn’t something the team can do forever, but right now it’s something the franchise is willing and able to do.

“I don’t know that this particular model is sustainable forever,” Dimov said. “For me, it’s not about, ‘Oh, that’s the form we’ll always keep. “I think our model was [being] Seriously trying to build the best team we can make. This is sustainable.”

He also mentioned that they have big goals for the franchise, and anyone who joins the team is buying mentality.

“I think everyone who joined the Rams joined this idea that we could be one of the best global sports franchises in the world. And if we want to be one of the elite teams in this city, in the world, there isn’t a single title,” he said, “I won’t get you there.” “.

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