Marquis Valdez-Scantling: I’m living right to go from Aaron Rodgers to Patrick Mahomes

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Most of the wide receivers who have left the Packers in recent years have had to lower their expectations of the quarterback because their new future will not be on the same level as Aaron Rodgers.

Marquis Valdes-Scantling hasn’t had to make that kind of off-season adjustment. Valdez-Scantling has signed with the Chiefs, so he will be getting clearances from Patrick Mahomes in his new home and this week said Rodgers was reminded of a throw by Mahomes in recent training.

It was an invisible pass that Mahomes made while rolling, something Valdez-Scantling was prepared for because Rodgers’ penchant for doing the same taught him to “always realize the ball can come to you at any time.” That’s not the only similarity that Valdes-Scantling saw And he knows he’s lucky to have bounced from one to the other.

“Not much difference, one is a little bigger,” Valdez-Scantling said via Nate Taylor of “I am so excited because my two best midfielders throw the ball at me. I think I’m living right.”

While Valdes-Scantling has seen no change in fortunes for players who have thrown him football, Chiefs coach Andy Reed has hinted that there will be a change in the way Valdes-Scantling plays with his new team. Reed said that wide ball would be “able to work on some of the lower base roads that he probably didn’t do much at Green Bay because of who they had there” and that could lead to more balls on his way during his first year in Kansas City.

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