NFL Insiders: 49ers Likely to Release Jimmy Garoppolo

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Dan Graziano reached out to NFL executives, coaches, and agents, asking about two quarterbacks—Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns and Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers. The Browns have a mess on their hands. They struck a great deal with Deshaun Watson, and legal issues continue to pile up on the talented player. Mayfield, despised, wants out, and Brown is unlikely to do any favors.

“Garoppolo’s situation was less chaotic, other than the surgery,” an NFL executive told Graziano. “It makes you think, once he’s healthy, San Francisco has a better chance of getting something done.”

However, nothing is certain. The number of needy teams in the middle has dropped dramatically since March, when Garoppolo underwent shoulder surgery, bringing all business talks to a standstill.

Carolina Panthers is still a possibility. Although they are in no hurry to take over the veteran quarterback’s salary.

San Francisco would like to avoid releasing Garoppolo, allowing him to sign division rival Seattle Seahawks while the Niners receive nothing in return. However, something needs to be done before the first week.

“As it stands now, San Francisco could cut Garoppolo and take just $1.4 million in dead money for its salary cap,” Graziano explains. “If you wait until after the first week to cut it, that number goes up to $26.4 million.”

What is the most likely outcome for Garoppolo and Mayfield?

“The majority of people I talk to for this story think that both players will probably end up,” Graziano said. “Two people thought Garoppolo could continue to attract commercial interest, provided the acquired team can work on something to reduce the salary or spread it out over a two-year period.”

Graziano says the Panthers remain the most popular destination for Garoppolo, if the 49ers can pull off a deal instead. The ESPN writer also mentions the Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons as possibilities. However, neither would likely consider a quarterback if it hadn’t been released.

“It is possible that Brown and the 49 players will hope to change the positions of other teams and expand the market,” Graziano added. “Maybe the quarterback has a hit in the center, and he can do something like what the Eagles did in 2016 when he sent Sam Bradford to the Vikings just pre-season when Teddy Bridgewater got hit. Maybe the team that feels good about his quarterback. They go into camp and that’s He changes, then reconsiders the idea of ​​trade.”

Then you have a worst-case scenario presented to Graziano by one of those he’s been talking to.

“Why don’t we trade them for each other?” Suggest the individual. San Fran saves some money, Cleveland gets a better backup option than [Jacoby] Brisset. Baker works with Kyle [Shanahan] For a year and next year [Mitchell] Trubisky”.

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