OG Anunoby, Rudy Gobert, and more

It’s time for another part of our Trade Rumors Ranking series where we rank the 5 players that have appeared most often on our Trade Pages over the past week.

With plenty of action expected during the league this season, which is fast approaching, commercial rumors are starting to surface.

Check out the work below.

5 Nikola Vucevic (Chicago)

Jeff Hansch – USA Today Sports

This week’s big trade rumor Rudy Gobert Possibly heading to the Chicago Bulls. Gobert will help solve a lot of the defensive issues in Chicago, which ultimately caused their downfall in the 2021-22 season, but it will obviously cost the Bulls dearly.

According to a Bleacher Report Jake FisherAny deal for Gobert would require a big guy from the Bulls All-Star Nikola Vucevic To participate:

Any deal that landed Joubert with the Bulls almost certainly would involve Nikola Vucevich, the two-time Chicago All-Star acquired from the Orlando Magic before the 2021 trade deadline. Vucevic’s contract will expire at the end of the 2022-23 season, and with Zach LaVine appointed to agency Profitable free, Bulls brass has been studying its options in the position since the February trade deadline, sources said. While Vucevic is generally considered a net passive defensively, the popular package mentioned by league executives at Vucevic and second-year striker Patrick Williams will offer the outer perimeter defender Jazz has long been said to be coveted.

The Bulls had the eighth worst defensive efficiency in basketball last season, giving up 113.2 points per 100 possessions.

They also have offensive firepower, especially if they are able to hold a free agent Zach Lavigneto survive the loss of a player like Vucevic if it means landing an elite defender like Gobert, who might be able to turn them into legitimate competitors in the East.

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4 Jeramy Grant (Detroit)

Ken Tops USA Today Sports

Jeramy Grant It has been such a popular name in e-commerce over the past week that it has been mentioned several times with different teams having an interest in reporting on its services.

First, The Athletic reported that the Portland Trail Blazers are still very interested in acquiring Grant’s services:

The Portland Trail Blazers have been the team most associated with Grant over the past few months, and according to sources, the team remains among the teams most interested in acquiring a Grant via trade. The Falcons definitely need to make some adjustments to get back to where they think they belong on their schedule. Atlanta showed some form of interest in Grant during the 2021-22 season, according to sources, and The Athletic believes the interest remains.

The Blazers have been a popular contender reported for Grant’s return ahead of the trade deadline, which makes sense, as his ability in both directions would provide a major boost to a defenseless Portland team.

It was also reported that the Atlanta Hawks had an interest in Grant, as he wrote about her Mark Stein:

Association sources say the Hawks continues to register business interest in Jeramy Grant in Detroit. Despite this, the Pistons have not firmly announced that they will move him 100 per cent and are known to want a lot in exchange for Grant, who will soon be eligible for a four-year, $112 million contract extension. It’s not yet clear if the Hawks can outbid other Detroit applicants, most notably Portland, with a trade bid (presumably including the 16th pick in the upcoming draft) finally convincing the Pistons to ditch Grant. Trail Blazers are ranked seventh in the draft and have long been interested in going two ways forward.

The Hawks need help on the defensive end as much as Portlanders, which makes their fit for Grant a clear cut.

Finally, the Bulls were also reportedly after Grant before the deadline, according to Fisher, but they weren’t willing to give up. Patrick Williams In a potential deal:

It is not yet clear Chicago’s willingness to part with Williams. The bulls were fiercely resistant to including Williams in initial talks with the Detroit Pistons to acquire Jerami Grant before the trade deadline, sources told B/R. The addition of Coby White, whose value the bulls had previously discovered in the commercial market, and Javonte Green would make money working to match Gobert’s huge contract.

With the date of the inconvenience approaching, look for the rumors surrounding Grant to persist.

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3 OG Anunoby (Toronto)

Bill Streicher – USA TODAY Sports

Although the Toronto Raptors players, including Scotty BarnesDon’t buy reports…

… Stories keep surfacing OG Anunoby Not happy with his place on the Raptors and would welcome the trade.

That’s according to Bleacher Report’s Fisher, at least, who said the following in a recent podcast:

Jake Fisher: I’ve heard since March that OG Anunoby was unhappy with his role in Toronto. And I mean, there are a lot of guys who are unhappy with their roles in Toronto.

In the same podcast, Fisher reported that the Blazers are targeting not just Anunoby, but that superstar Damian Lillard He welcomes the opportunity to play with the talented two-way swing.

In addition, network work Matt Mor She similarly mentioned just yesterday, noting that in addition to the Blazers, Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs would also be interested in Anunoby’s services:

Along those lines, don’t be surprised to see more smoke around the potential trade for OG Anunoby. Raptors with re-signed Masai Ujiri as their core, but eventually upgrades should come with the inclusion of Fred Vanfleet, Pascal Siakam or Anonobi, and the emergence of the year’s rookie Scotty Barnes opens the door to measuring Anonobi’s value in the market

Anunoby has a ton of talent and seems to be getting better year by year, so don’t be surprised if it gets too pricey if the Raptors decide to trade it in.

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2 Donovan Mitchell (Utah)

Rob Gray – USA TODAY Sports

No other team has made more headlines this week than the Jazz, who have seen a longtime head coach. Quinn Snyder He stepped down from his role, sending commercial rumors about the two stars of the team into heat.

according to Adrian WojnarowskiStar Jazz 2-keeper Donovan Mitchell He was upset and upset by the news about Snyder:

Amid the fallout from Quinn Snyder’s departure after eight seasons as a Utah Jazz coach, All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell is described as “uneasy and upset and wondering what that means for the future of the franchise,” sources told ESPN Sunday. Mitchell saw Snyder as an important part of his reasoning to commit to a maximum five-year contract extension in 2020, and Snyder’s decision to step down on Sunday left Mitchell “surprised and disappointed,” sources told ESPN.

Additionally, The Athletic’s Tony Jones It stated that the Jazz had rejected all commercial requests for Mitchell up to this point while stating that Utah had informed teams that it was determined to build around the former Louisville podium.

Moore also reports that he’s heard that while people across the league are expecting Mitchell’s trade request to come to a team like the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat at some point, it won’t come soon:

Regarding the idea of ​​trading Donovan Mitchell, league sources feel it is a question of “when and not if” where Mitchell eventually asks to go to a “witch market” like New York or Miami. But in the short term, there are doubts that this will happen. It is said that new Jazz owner Ryan Smith is very dedicated to preserving Mitchell and building around her. Which, of course, would mean moving Rudy Gobert as it became clear that the relationship was untenable on and off the field.

Even if the Jazz vehemently opposed Mitchell’s trading, don’t expect the noise to dissipate, as the smoke surrounding this stand has been around for months.

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1 Rudy Gobert (Utah)

Rob Gray – USA TODAY Sports

We’ve already discussed one trade rumor regarding Jubert and the bull, but more has been reported on the big star this week.

For example, SportsNet New York’s Ian Bigley She mentioned that with the news of Snyder stepping down, the Joubert deal is more likely than Mitchell’s:

Fisher will explain, noting that not only are the jazz weight trade options for the French Grand Prix, but the Raptors, Hawks and Bulls would likely be interested in Jubert if his name hits the trade block this off season:

Jake Fisher: I think they are weighing Rudy Gobert trading options internally, making calls and contacting teams externally, and at least in the introductory stages, so far. It seems from my conversations with people in the league that Toronto, Atlanta and Chicago are the three teams so far that have shown at least some sort of tangible interest in getting him, it’s going to be hard to find any trade that fits his contract.

Jones also reports that jazz is receiving a lot of interest in Joubert after their tumultuous week.

NBA Trade Market fans, keep an eye on Utah this off-season. The fireworks in Salt Lake City could set off a pivotal summer for the franchise.

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