OU defeats Texas to win the Women’s College World Championships

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – JUNE 09: Grace Lyons #3 of the Oklahoma Sooners celebrate with her teammates after hitting a three-way home run during the sixth inning against the Texas Longhorns during the Division I Women’s Championships at the ASA Hall of Fame on June 9 2022 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Sooner Oklahoma Sovereigns are champions again.

Decked out in their crimson and cream-clad royals, Oklahoma rallied through the Texas Longhorns to win 10-5 Thursday night to claim the highly anticipated coronation as the winner of the 2022 Women’s College World Series. The tournament is the Sooners’ sixth national softball title and second in a row.

On her final call, fast-paced star Jocelyn Allo, voted the tournament’s best player, grabbed two of Oklahoma’s last three players from left field. Before the final exit from the game, Allo is subdued and returns to the dugout with a standing ovation in Oklahoma City, wiping tears from her eyes.

Allo told ESPN after the match, “I love this game, and I’m sad to walk away from it. But I’m glad I finished on top. I’m just so fortunate to have had this God-blessed journey.”

This year’s Oklahoma production got even more impressive with 40 base running wins (two of which came during WCWS). The Sooners shaved 73 rounds of workload this season, which equates to more than 10 games and no fewer than 219 games at bat.

The Longhorns were 6-0 in the NCAA playoffs in the Thursday night series the winner-take-all win, outsmarting opponents 25-10 with seven home runs. Until the top of the fifth, it seemed that their run would continue.

LHP Estelle Czech (13-2, 3.24 ERA) started in Texas, having sat down Wednesday night having made a full game Monday against Oklahoma State to put the Longhorns in the championship series. She carried the Sooners, who are known for their first and hard hits, to three goalless innings

The Czech was gritty at first, staring at Alo and hitting her in full dramatic fashion. Thirteen out of 21 Czech pitches in the first half were hits. She beat the Sooners, who were headed into Thursday, outperforming opponents 116-6 this season in the first half, by one stroke and didn’t run.

With everything looking a burnt orange, the Texans’ defensive woes slipped for a moment during the top of the fourth. A fatal mistake at Longhorns gave Oklahoma the first two rounds of the evening. Texas responded with a double play, the twelfth of the NCAA Championship, to disrupt the Oklahoma stalemate. The match held steady at a 2-2 draw, until RBI double Alyssa Britto’s sooner team took their first lead (3-2) in fifth place.

From there the deficit grew with the Oklahoma legend.

Kinzie Hansen’s three-stroke Homer put the Sooners ahead with a 6-2 score, her first home in the WCWS.

Then another Homer with three rounds, this one from Grace Lions. Sooner, 10-2. This was their third straight game when they scored double-digit runs.

Not to be left out, Longhorns smashed Homer from three runs through freshman Mia Scott to bring Texas within five at the bottom of the seventh, where she will remain.

Freshman RHP Jordy Bahl (22-1, 1.09 ERA) started in Oklahoma after senior Hope Trautwein allowed two hits in five rounds and walked four (one home in the only Longhorns race) on Wednesday. She was the NFCA’s first national freshman of the year in the postseason, and a redemption chance for the only loss on her record, which came at the hands of Texans in April.

Suffering a forearm injury (and playing well, considering), Bahl relied on the Sooners’ superior defense, specifically Jayda Coleman, who stole a home run to finish the first half. Oklahoma-based head coach Patti Gasso withdrew her first after four rounds of the national title on the horizon, allowing Nicole May (2.1 runs) and Hope Trautwein (0.2 runs) to win the victory.

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