Phillies vs. Brewers: With the second sweep in a row, Bryce Harper says

Milwaukee – Two hours before the end of Thursday’s series against the Milwaukee Brewers, Bryce Harper was asked about the Phillies’ comeback and the reasons for it.

This wasn’t the first time someone had mentioned the topic to Harper in the past few minutes.

“I just got a text from one of my guys asking about the same thing,” he said with a laugh.

Harper reached for his phone, scrolled through his texts and started reading.

“As I told my friend, it just feels different now,” he said. “We play our ass. That’s what it is, you know?”

“We’ve played a series against the Angels and won our first two teams against the good Brewers who are holding the number one spot in their league. We face Corbin Burns today. If we can get in that bonus game and sweep, it would be amazing to come home to face Arizona.”

Phillies got the bonus game. They won the series final, 8-3, to score their second consecutive sweep. Harper made a major contribution with his 15th home, a 425-foot blast to mediate against loyalist Brad Boksberger to give Phils a two-time lead at the top of the seventh.

Rookie Phillies took seven wins in a row to return to the under-0.500 game at 28-29.

And of course they are 6-0 under new captain Rob Thompson, who took charge of Joe Girardi when the team was 22-29 last Friday.

Did Girardi’s shooting put Velez upright? Is Thomson the cause of this shift?

“We needed to move on,” Harper said. “Everyone knows that. It’s just a different atmosphere. I think we are playing good football now.”

Thompson is the first to start his coaching career in the Big League with six straight wins since Clint Heyerdel did the same after coaching Buddy Bell in Colorado in 2002. Boston’s Joe Morgan started the game 12-0 after he coached John McNamara in 1988.

More domestically, Thompson gets closer to Pat Moran, the 1915 NL Champion Phillies Championship captain. He started his career 8-0 and ended up in the world championships that year. The Phils lost that series to the Red Sox, whose roster included a 21-year-old pitcher named Babe Ruth.

During their seven-game winning streak, the Phils shot 18 at home and outplayed the opponents, 53-19. Harper has three homeowners in his last four games and five in his six games this month. Kyle Schwarber has four homers over a seven-game winning streak. He had Homer twice in the eighth inning on Thursday.

It looked as if the Phillies hitters might be in for a long day when NLC Young winner Burns opened the match by three strokes. Burns threw 16 throws to Schwarber, Rhys Hoskins and Harper, got seven flips and made a miss. He had eight flips and more errors in the second half but control problems surfaced. He walked three times and allowed a hit but limited the damage to just a run when Schwarber hit the third outside and left the bases loaded.

Phils had a runner in the scoring position with no naysayers in third and they couldn’t get him home. In the fourth inning, they squandered a hat-trick of Didi Gregorios’ lead on their way to opening the 1 vs 10 match with the sprinters in the scoring position.

Phyllis writer Zack Evelyn had his leadership issues. Homer first let Willy Adames and perform high pitches while he walks three and hits a bat. He only lasted for four rounds but caught the Brewers running and knocked out with a difference after his teammates hit the Burns for a few runs in the fifth round.

The inning started with Burns ringing Schwarber for the third time at as many strokes as the bat, but Phils’ advance man made it to the base on a pass ball bound for Victor Caratini. Hoskins single-handedly followed and Nick Castellanos stalked Burns with one song to load the bases. JT Realmuto and Gregorius led the race with a sacrifice fly and a double against loyal Miguel Sanchez as Phils led 3-1.

Conor Brogdon ceded Homer to Hunter Renfroe as the Brewers made it a one-goal in the sixth inning, but Harper increased his lead to two with seventh-round Homer and the Phils were on their way.

Phillies 7-0 in June. They return home to Citizens Bank Park, aged 15-15 this season, in a six-game home game against Arizona and Miami starting Friday night. Kyle Gibson (3-2, 4.40) will face right-hander Zach Gallen (4-1, 2.40) in the opener Friday night. Gallen, a South Jersey native and Bishop Eustace Grad, ranks seventh in the NL in the ERA.

Zach Wheeler will oppose Madison Baumgarner on Saturday.

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