Pro Football Focus head coach rating is laughable

Mike Tomlin and Sean McVeigh are not on the PFF's Top 10 Coaches list.

Mike Tomlin and Sean McVeigh are not on the PFF’s Top 10 Coaches list.
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Let me make a disclaimer, so this doesn’t come as a complete waste of the analytics community. Yes, advanced stats and analytics have a place in the game of football and sports in general. But they are not … I repeat, not the whole end.

They are there to provide supplemental information for what is happening in the field, but even then, they don’t always tell the whole story. However, the latest list from Pro Football Focus ranking the best coaches in the NFL is another scratch.

First, to shorten the long explanation, PFF . rows These coaches mainly depend on the level of talent in their roster. Factors such as junior salaries in attack and defense are taken into account. The information in their roster was taken over a decade between 2011 and 2021. Therefore, new head coaches such as Miami’s Mike McDaniel, Kevin O’Connell Menez, and Brian Dabol have been removed from the Giants team.

the top of the mountain

Based on the past 10 years, I don’t think anyone would have a problem with the top three on this list. Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh, and Andy Reed have successfully won the Super Bowls since 2011. Of the three, only Harbo has won the Super Bowl without a star quarterback.

In their explanation of how this roster counts, the PFF drops a line that says, “It’s easy to win games with good players…. Most of the best NFL coaches can still compete for a game place.” Patrick Mahomes As a starting quarterback.”

Kansas City has been the scariest city in the NFL for the past four years. They mention Mahomes, yet two of the top three coaches on the list with all-time great QBs have won, and in case headsThey had a very stacked menu during the Mahomes period as a start. New England didn’t always have the most talented roster, but Belichick Brady had for most of the time this list was considered. But again, I have no problem with Mr. Hoody winning first place.

slippery slope

Number 4 is where this list starts to get suspicious. Cliff Kingsbury of the Arizona Cardinals ranked fourth on the list. He’s ahead of coaches like Matt LaFleur, Kyle Shanahan, Mike Tomlin, and Pete Carroll. And Kingsbury was fortunate enough to own the young QB franchisee in Kyler Murray for his first three seasons as a head coach in the NFL.

They also have talented teams that have faded in the last two regular seasons. Kingsbury also has a worldwide receiver on his list named DeAndre Hopkins. Believe me, no one is buying Kingsbury as the fourth best coach in the league over the past 10 or 10 years. Did not matter.

Carol at No. 5 is one you can’t be mad at. Well, I guess you can, but that wouldn’t be fair to his success. If it is only rated on what Verb Seahawks In 2021, I’m going to crush that choice. It feels like Seattle fell completely a few years ago, but they’ve racked up double wins in three of the last four campaigns, and qualified for post-season in those three seasons. Seattle had one of the worst offensive lines in the league but was one of Russell Wilson’s best QB streaks until this season.

climb ranks

LaFleur and Shanahan are ranked 6 and 7, respectively, and both have been more successful than Kingsbury in the eyes of the majority. At Aaron Rodgers, LaFleur was blessed with the best regular QB season since Peyton Manning upon his arrival in Green Bay. He also walked in the presence of Davante Adams during his first few years as head coach.

Unlike many other teams, Green Bay primarily builds by draft. Therefore, you will not see them chasing many high priced free agents. Although when you have Rodgers in QB, it can help to make up for any deficiencies elsewhere on the list.

Across from LaFleur is Shanahan. Kyle has a QB who does nothing but win but is not considered the primary factor in the 49ers winning over the past three years. With Jimmy Garoppolo under center, San Francisco has played in two NFC Championships and a Super Bowl. But ask anyone in the Bay Area about the main reasons for the Niners’ success lately and they’ll tell you about defense first, the running game second, and then perhaps Jimmy G third.

The thing that makes this list of coaching difficult to define is the disparity among some of these coaches in experience. Kingsbury and LaFleur have only been head coaches for three years. Compared to coaches like Belichick, Carroll, Reid and Harbaugh, that’s a pretty wide gap. Harbaugh has minimal coaching experience at the top of the top three and has been running the Baltimore team since 2008.

No, but seriously…

Slots 8-10 only make me wonder a little. Mike Frabel, Frank Reich and Mike McCarthy. Frabel and Reich both served as head coaches for four years, and have led the Titans and Colts, respectively, past the season multiple times. If this was my list, I would have had other coaches in their places but based on the PFF counting system, this is what we have.

As for Coach McCarthy, I’ll just say this. He was fortunate to have inherited Rodgers in Green Bay all those years. It’s only been two years in Dallas, although the first season looked like three. There are other coaches that I would rise above McCarthy, which I’m about to reach, but given the past 10 years, I’m OK with him being promoted in the rear.

Two names that immediately come to mind who are not among the top 10 coaches in the NFL are Mike Tomlin and Sean McVeigh. I think their roster of candidates was very talented and paid high wages within the stipulated time frame. Tomlin’s Steelers have only had three seasons that haven’t finished above 0.500 since 2011.

In McVay’s first five years as head coach of the NFL, the Rams finished with fewer than nine wins. They have played in two Super Bowls under McVay, including the most recent win in February. But McVay’s team was full of stars, which made their talent level well above average. McVeigh is one of the best coaches in this league. You don’t need Pro Football Focus to check this out.

What I see is a lot of loopholes in this list. But that’s what you get when you play a game with human elements and try to reduce it to just algorithms and stats sheets. I’ll give PFF credit for putting together these lists. It’s not easy, but I can’t agree with the top 10.

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