Rafael Nadal’s new racket at Roland Garros 2022

Rafael Nadal He said he played Roland Garros 2022 with a different racket, during an interview with the ATP website. Rafa Nadal explained: “Over the years, I had to adapt to stay competitive. Tennis became more offensive and I made some changes to the racket.

I changed the string tension a bit and put more lead into the head of the racquet to get more power. Two days before starting Roland Garros, I’m back to my old racket. I would like to thank Babolat who prepared it for me in the afternoon.

With the new one I didn’t feel the right sensations on clay, but I’ll be back playing in the next few months. Rafa still has a lot of fun playing tennis: “I don’t keep competing for records or to be the best ever.

Roger, Novak and I all made our dreams come true. I’m not playing to win the other major tournaments, but to experience these special moments again.”

Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros 2022

Nadal’s victory at Roland Garros 2022 sparked reactions around the world.

The Spanish phenomenon seemed to be having a hard time during the BNL Internationals in Italy, thanks to the pain in his foot that has tormented him since 2005. Even the Majorcan was feared to miss his second major tournament of the season, but Rafa made after another legendary feat.

Having survived two real fights against Felix Auger-Aliassime and Novak Djokovic, the former world number one benefited from an injury to Alexander Zverev in the semi-finals. The final act was a monologue by Nadal, who had only six games left for Casper Rudd.

Despite the pain in his foot, the Iberian defeated the competition in the first half of the season. Successes in Australia and Paris allowed him to climb to 22 slams, surpassing Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in all-time standings. Rafa will undergo a new foot treatment this week, hoping to be ready for Wimbledon.

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