Raiders sign Hunter Renfrow 2-year wide receiver, $32 million

The push is being made for another broad, dynamic future.

The Las Vegas Raiders have announced the two-year signing of Hunter Renfrow for $32 million, including a guaranteed $21 million, NFL Network’s Tom Pellisero and Ian Rapoport reported Friday morning.

The 2019 fifth-round pick comes from the Pro Bowl breakout campaign in which he scored 103 catches for 1,038 yards and nine TDs. Renfrew proved to be a safety cover for Derek Carr and a down machine. Now he gets paid like the weapon he has become.

Renfrow was hired into the final year of his rookie contract, earning $2.54 million in base salary. The new deal makes it better in line with its value. With a line-up of receivers that topped $20 million annually to mark this season, Renfrow’s $16 million-a-year extension appears to be a bargain considering its strength, production and growing status. But the deal roughly mirrors Cooper Kupp’s first extension (three years, $15.75 annually). Like Kupp, Renfrow could be on another big payday in two seasons.

Renfrow, the prince of slots, has become one of the best road racers in the game. At 5 feet – 10 without piercing speed, the Clemson product uses sharp cuts and precise methods to get around the fastest corners and create space. His strength at the point of capture and turning with the ball in his hands makes him the perfect third-place threat.

When Carr needed a major play last year, you can bet your buddies he was looking through Renfrew first.

With the addition of Davante Adams, the Raiders now have two of the best road runners in the NFL at their disposal. While at first glance, it might seem that Adams’ arrival could take some of the shine out of Renfrew’s production. But with the attention the external receiver is likely to take, Renfrow should see more useful matches going forward. There is plenty of pigskin for both to grow.

The sprawl continues the trend of copper pushing new invaders to preserve local talent. Before they played a game under the order, general manager Dave Ziegler handed out the extensions to Carr, defensive end Max Crosby and now Renfrew. Next Up to Make Money: The End of Darren Waller Courthouse.

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