Ravens News 6/9: OTA notes and more

The Ravens’ Notes: Patrick Quinn is more comfortable, confident and dominant in defense – Jeff Zrebeck

In just the first part of his 11v11 action, Huntley knocked Mike Davis from behind and then got a pass from Quinn. After a few plays, he did a hard look at Nick Boyle and was given a pass by safety rookie Kyle Hamilton. Interior linebackers Benz and Diego Fagot also got their hands on soccer balls during the first part.

Wide receiver Rashid Pittman had at least one drop in all three OTAs open to reporters. He got pulled out of the way early in Wednesday’s training and that led to a lecture from passing game specialist Keith Williams. Bateman rebounded and made some nice shots later in practice, including one on a deep ball in which he beat rookie Galen Armor-Davis who was otherwise having a nice workout.

The Ravens’ deep receiver class was mostly quiet in the OTAs although Devon Williams, who played in Oregon, had a good day. He beat cornerback David Ferrin to hit the back shoulder early in training and later beat Denzel Williams on a deep ball. Denzel Williams also gave up a long touchdown in front of James Bruch, who scored Hundley’s best throw of the afternoon.

Year two quarterback Dylan Hayes continued to reveal his presence, easily beating left tackle Patrick McCurry off the edge in a one-on-one 11v11 match.

Hands-on Report: 10 Notes From The Third Ravens Outta – Ryan Mink

Today’s topic was defensive players getting their hands on the ball as the pressure was increased with plenty of ‘Cover Zero’ steals. No one touched it more than defensive tackle Justin Madobwicki, who fired three passes onto the line, including one that was blocked by Marlon Humphrey.

Rookie Damarion “Baby” Williams had a solid day with frequent tight coverage and a taste to show off. After one play, Bateman told him he could have taken him deep into a big play if he wanted to. Williams replied, “Then go!” After training, coach John Harbaugh said Williams and Armor-Davis have been great and will play in defense this year.

Tight rookie Charlie Kollar had some nice shots in traffic, including one high against Brandon Stevens that showed just how tough Kollar’s length of defense was (although Stevens should pull back in Ota). Kolar seems to have the same quality as Mark Andrews for finding open spaces in covering the area.

The Baltimore Ravens expect Lamar Jackson to return next week in ‘fantastic’ condition – Jamison Hensley

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Wednesday that he expects quarterback Lamar Jackson to report to a mandatory mini camp next week.

“I know he’s working hard…I fully expect him to be back in good shape,” Harbow said. “I’m sure he’s throwing. I’m sure he’s doing a good job. When he gets back here, we’ll roll with Lamar.”

Ranking of all 16 QBs in Asia: Patrick Mahomes, Bills head coach Josh Allen, 2022 season main roster – Cody Benjamin

6. Lamar Jackson (crows)

The range of opinions about Jackson is very wide. Some see the former MVP who led the NFL in TD pass, pass, pass successfully, a unique model with speed and knack for changing every game. Others argue that the system-dependent sprinter (and the inherent risk of injury) has yet to master passing in the big games. Perhaps both perspectives are correct. Even if Jackson’s skills do better in a hard attack (and the revamped Ravens lineup seems to confirm that), he’s still at home waiting to happen. And this kind of QB can never be counted. The key is to stay healthy and stay active to finally take a deep run.

The 10 Most Explosive Runners of 2021 Gen Stats: Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson on the board – Nick Schock

7. Lamar Jackson

10+ yards: 24

10+ Percentage: 18%

Running 15+ mph: 49

15+ MPH: 36.8%

That’s what we’ve come to expect from Jackson, MVP of 2019 and Baltimore’s most important player. The main reason he’s landing seventh here, though, is because Baltimore tried to create a better offensive balance in 2021, limiting his sprinting production a bit.

Jackson still finished the game with a more-than-expected 269 rushing yards, placing him third in the league and second only to quarterbacks behind Josh Allen. The difference in his production compared to previous years speaks of this offensive adjustment (and the injury that kept him out of the final month of the season). Jackson went from the all-time best +631 RYOE in 2019 and +431 in 2020 to +269 last season. Meanwhile, Baltimore went from number 32 in passing offense in 2020 to number 13 in the NFL in 2021.

Jackson still finished his career with 49 over 15 mph and 24 over 10 yards, and tied with 17 more touchdowns than expected.

2022 NFL RB Ratings: Cleveland Browns lead the way as Dallas Cowboys land in the top ten – Ben Linsey

Level 2: good background (very good start or very good depth)

10. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens’ entire roster was hit by injuries in 2021, and their team’s background was one of the hardest hit units. They don’t have an elite at the top of the depth chart, but the return of JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards from injury along with the additions of Mike Davis and Tyler Badie give the Ravens one of the deeper groups in the NFL that will benefit from the interest that Lamar Jackson is drawing in the running game. Baltimore is the only team in the NFL to have averaged more than 2.0 flowing yards before calling on every attempt (2.2) over the past three seasons.

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