‘Really neat.’ Good job, Boston.

Wednesday night’s crowd at TD Garden was almost as expected for the first NBA Finals game in Boston in 12 years. But at least one opponent from the Celtics was unaffected.

The sound of the filter crowd in the Garden was expected to rise, reaching deafening levels at times, and there was plenty of swear words directed at Warriors striker and new Celtics villain Draymond Green, who didn’t seem to be sitting properly with teammate Clay Thompson. .

When asked about his impressions of the fans and his impact after the Celtics won 116-100 in Game Three, Sniper Warriors made no secret of his feelings.

“That wasn’t a factor,” Thompson said. “We’ve played against rude people before. Throwing F-bombs with the kids in the crowd. Real neat. Good job, Boston.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr used a similar word in his response when asked about the crowd: “Sleek. Very stylish.”

But it seems that Green did not care about all the noise and taunts directed at him. It’s something the Warriors striker has come to expect over the course of his career with his aggressive and whimsical playing style.

He had to know he’d come after the second game, when he was issued a technical foul and nearly picked up another – which would have resulted in a sending off – when he landed with his legs over Jaylen Brown after getting soiled, which infuriated the player. Celtics guard and caused a skirmish. His ongoing drama and liveliness is generating the kind of mass reaction seen in the park on Wednesday night.

Greene said after the third match, “No, they’re just talking. It’s not really my business to answer them. They did what I expected.”

The Warriors played in a lot of hostile atmospheres during their dynastic rule over the past eight years. While those probably don’t often live up to the Boston crowd on Wednesday, nothing surprises them at this point.

“Equal on the course,” said Steve Curry. “In every arena you get a little something. It’s been like that for the whole qualifier and every round we’ve had over the course. (Green) expects that. So there’s no difference tonight.”

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