Sister of Dean Spanos Chargers Owner Filed a Lawsuit

His sister sued Dean Spanos, owner of Los Angeles Chargers, with severe allegations including “self-deprecation” and “misogynistic behaviour”.

As first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schifter and Kimberly Martin, Dea Spanos Berberian attorneys filed the lawsuit this week in San Joaquin County Superior Court in California.

Shipper ownership stakes are complex. The brother and sister are co-trustees of the family trust, which owns 36 percent of the franchise. They each own 15 percent individually, as do their brother Michael Spanos and sister Alexandra Spanos Ruhl. The remaining 4 percent is owned outside the Spanos family.

Spanos Berberian accuses her two brothers Dean and Michael of repeatedly acting “out of their deeply entrenched anti-woman attitudes and sense of entitlement as men in the family…and to justify their pathetic behavior which she believes is meant to teach her that a woman has no confidence whatsoever she might say.”

Charger owners Dean and Michael Spanos are being sued by their sister, who alleges “misogynistic behavior” and a breach of fiduciary duty.
Icon Sports Wire via Getty Images

The lawsuit says the brothers “believe in their voices that no matter what their fathers intended and what their will determined, men are responsible and women should shut up.”

The lawsuit also alleges that moving from San Diego to Los Angeles in 2017 was a financial disaster, and that the family’s only option to pay off the fund’s nearly $360 million debt is to sell the team.

The lawsuit alleges that the transfer of $105 million in credit to debt was among the many “violations of fiduciary duty” by Dean Spanos, and that Dean and Michael used the trust to spend $60 million on an aircraft that was “wasted” and was not. Used for “legitimate” commercial purposes.

The siblings inherited the team from their father Alex Spanos, who bought the franchise in 1984 and died in 2018.

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