Sources say the Browns are still working for Deshaun Watson and aren’t looking to void the $230 million contract or trade with Texas.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Browns are still all at Deshaun Watson despite new lawsuits and civil claims, and are not looking to void an NFL record, a fully guaranteed $230 million contract or trade with the Texans, league sources told Cleveland. com.

The Browns have model protection for the club in a five-year deal – and additional protection as first reported in April by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio – which would enable them to void the contract in the event of actions occurring after his signing, or prior actions appearing from That would prevent him from performing his duties.

So far, nothing has happened since he signed the deal in March that has caused Brown to change their view of Watson or make them consider trying out the groundbreaking contract — not even the 24th lawsuit filed on Wednesday.

Likewise, sources say nothing happened that made Brown consider trying to negate the massive trade with the Texans – which included Brown sending three first-round draft picks and three more to Texans in exchange for Watson and the sixth-round one – although the Texans will be added soon. to suits as defendant for allegedly enabling Watson’s misconduct.

The fact that Browns still had unwavering support for Watson was made clear by the team to Watson’s attorney, Rusty Harden.

“The Brown family and everyone who knows Deshaun is still completely behind him,” Hardin told in a text response. “These are the last claims of [plaintiffs’ attorney Tony] Buzbee changes nothing, and they are completely wrong, and that will ultimately be what everyone concludes when they hear the evidence.

Brown’s continued belief in Watson follows:

  • Two new civil lawsuits filed by Buzbee within the past two weeks on behalf of massage therapists allege sexual misconduct for a total of 24 lawsuits;
  • Buzbee added the Houston Texans and the other defendants to the suits to enable Watson to engage in alleged misconduct;
  • And an article in the New York Times by Jenny Frentas in which a few defendants who did not file a public case for the first time speak of similar alleged misconduct. She also wrote that he created 66 massage appointments in a 17-month period from fall 2020 to spring 2021, which is more than 40 appointments over the five seasons he has publicly acknowledged.

as it comes after HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumble Show two weeks ago where Soledad O’Brien interviewed two plaintiffs, Ashley Solis and Kela Hayes.

  • Here’s how to view public filings in civil lawsuits against Deshaun Watson

The Browns, who knew they would take a PR barrage at least early in Watson’s career here, stand firmly behind the new QB despite Buzbee saying he is considering “many cases” against Watson, and the NFL setting how long to suspend him.

At this point it is almost certain that Watson will be suspended, either for a certain number of games, or indefinitely, in which case he would have to miss the entire 2022 season and file for a recall after that. He can also be fined.

The league has given no indication of when a decision will be made, but once you talk to the accused — and Harden told they finished interviewing Watson after two sessions that spanned four days — discipline is usually far behind.

Those close to the situation are expecting to hear something before bootcamp begins in late July, possibly early in the month. Even if Watson is suspended for this season or indefinitely, the Browns will stand by him and plan ahead.

Probably the only thing that could change that would be criminal charges against him, which no one expected.

Meanwhile, Watson focused on football and adapting to society despite the ongoing new developments in the case. He just finished three weeks of organized team activities this week, and is preparing for a mandatory mini camp next week.

“I think everyone comes into work and goes to work,” coach Kevin Stefansky said Wednesday. “You have to make sure that you focus on your job and focus on the job that you have to do there with the players. I think that’s what he does.”

If Watson is stopped, Jacobi Brissett will take his place. Brown is still trying to trade Baker Mayfield and has excused him from the mandatory junior camp.

Embraced by his new teammates at Watson, he has acclimated well to the team, including taking his offensive teammates on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

“I think he’s a professional,” John Johnson III said of safety. “Once he comes to work, it’s about the work. It’s about building relationships with his teammates. You see, he took the guys on a trip, I think he had something else planned. Just building connections and building relationships, so I think he did a great job just being A true professional and I hope it all clears up soon but as of now we will continue to work.

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