The best wide receivers are still available in the free agency

The Tennessee Titans entered the 2022 season with a need for a wide receiving position, a need that became even more pressing once the team decided to release veteran Julio Jones.

Tennessee’s solution to this problem was a trade to Robert Woods, who was set to be No. 2 on the team behind AJ Brown, which was a positive development despite Woods coming out of a torn ACL.

From there, the Titans were expected to add a young future in the 2022 NFL Draft; However, things soon moved to Defcon 1 after the Giants traded Browns.

The Titans added a pair of receivers in the draft at Treylon Burks and Kyle Philips, but as with any wide receiver, neither is guaranteed to provide the support Tennessee needs in their first seasons.

As a result of question marks with these players, and with the group as a whole, the team is almost certain to add another veteran option sometime before the start of the season.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the best wide receivers still available at the free dealership. For the record, we feel Julio is still one of the best options out there, but he’s not listed here because there’s no chance of a reunion.

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Beckham will be a blow and a good fit as he can do on the football field, but he won’t provide the immediate help Tennessee needs, as he expects to miss a large part of the season as he continues to recover from his ACL rupture.

There’s no telling what he’ll look like once he returns from the tattered second AFC Champions League in his professional career, and his past moves are also concerning, even though he acted himself in Los Angeles.

However, this is not suitable for the Titans if for no other reason than Beckham’s unavailability to start the season.

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There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and harm to Will Fuller.

There’s no doubting how much Fuller is talented and he’d be a perfect fit as an outsider who could expand the field, but he simply couldn’t stay healthy, giving him the possibility of the Titans being useless.

Can the Titans really roll the dice on a wide receiver who has a long injury history after one year of seeing a massive hit number in the center?

We think it’s possible given there aren’t really good options out there and the Titans desperately need help, but they won’t overpay for Fuller, so it should be cheap. We’ll be on board with Fuller in a cheap one-year deal.

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Hilton, 32, is on the downside of his career, but he’s a curious choice if he isn’t relied upon to be the best dog in the receiving corps, which Tennessee wouldn’t need.

The veteran can line up all over the field and present a decent deep threat, and the Titans will stick to him at the Indianapolis Colts in the process, making this signature even better.

Will Hilton leave the only team he knew of as a division rival? Who knows, but we won’t rule it out. The Chalk Hilton is the second best option on this list based on what the Titans need.

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Beasley would be a solid option outside the slot for the Titans, but the problem is that the team is quickly developing a stalemate there.

The Titans will likely post the Burks into the slot to help make his transition to the NFL a little easier, and the team could also put Woods, Dez Fitzpatrick and 2022 in the fifth round to pick Kyle Philips there, giving Tennessee any lack of insider options previously.

Versatility is perfect, but the Titans really need someone who can play outside first and foremost. Paisley isn’t that guy, which makes him fit.

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Sanders has played abroad in the past, but his best place is undoubtedly in the slot at this point in his career. As with Paisley, this makes Sanders unsuitable for the Titans.

Sanders’ age, 35, is also a concern, especially when you consider what Nashville’s aging receivers have done in the past. It’s also possible that Sanders will retire, so it may not be an option at all.

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