The extended partnership between UCI and Warner Bros. Discovery leads to an exciting new era of mountain biking

  • Warner Bros. has been appointed. Discovery to promote mountain biking in new eight-year agreement
  • Warner Bros. Discovery brings together its extensive assets and expertise, including Discovery Sports Events and ESO Sports, to raise the bar for mountain biking and reach a global audience
  • The new vision for the sport will provide a more consistent platform for the different shapes of mountain bikes for the first time

Paris, London: The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to choose Discover Warner Bros. (WBD) To present a new vision of mountain biking that will see the leading global media and entertainment company pool all its assets and expertise to advance the sport and reach a new global audience.

To offer an entirely new vision for the future of mountain biking, UCI will leverage WBD’s global reach and broad media platforms, as well as collaborate with two of the company’s dedicated organizations. This will see Discovery Sport Events unite with Enduro Sports Organization (ESO Sports) To provide organization, media production, broadcast, promotion and marketing for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Discovery Sports Events, global promoter and event management leader, will expand its relationship with the UCI to help promote the sport in support of its growing global audience. ESO Sports, owner and operator of the Enduro World Series in which WBD has recently invested, will lead the project to standardize and take mountain biking globally to new levels, in collaboration with the UCI.

Building on the popularity of mountain biking, this new approach will also provide on-site and on-screen fan experience innovations in order to further grow the fan base and improve the global footprint of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

David LaPartient, UCI President, said: “I am thrilled to be partnering with Warner Bros. Discovery, which will take the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup to the next level. Discovery Sports Events has already done wonders with track cycling – thanks to the innovative UCI Track Champions League – and I know the exciting discipline Mountain Bikers will also benefit from their experience, deep understanding of the expectations of athletes and fans, and the increased exposure that this partnership will bring. Mountain bike will gain the momentum it deserves as we work together for the future of this vast and diverse ecosystem.”

Andrew Giorgio, president and general manager of Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe: Extend our relationship with UCI to Supporting the next phase of mountain biking’s development and growth in full accordance with Warner Bros. expertise. Discovery and its ambitions. We will leverage global broadcasting, live broadcasting and online platforms to engage millions of people in sports, as well as the capabilities of Discovery Sports Events and ESO Sports. Together they bring the experience and tools to develop the sport, along with an understanding of the current complexities and strengths of mountain biking that are essential to better support the mountain bike community and grow the sport. “

Besides the Olympics, the Mountain Bike World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport and sees the world’s best cyclists compete in numerous cross-country and downhill events throughout the season. Taken together, WBD’s cycling content collection – across Eurosport, GCN, GMBN, discovery+ and more – already includes over 200 professional events across road, track, BMX, cyclo-cross and Mountain Bike, as well as all Olympic bike disciplines.

Discovery Sports Events has also partnered with UCI as the founding global promoter that created and delivered the game-changing UCI Track Champions League launched in 2021.

The agreement concludes a period of exclusive negotiations and follows extensive competitive bidding. More details about the 2023 season and calendar will be announced soon.

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Notes to editors

Discovery Sports Events, an event management division owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, which today oversees more than 55 global events each year across 5 continents, will be responsible for the full range of commercial and event management services including merchandising, broadcast production, media rights distribution, sponsorship, marketing and ticketing.

Warner Bros. has been selected. Discovery, along with Discovery Sports Events and ESO Sports expertise, was approved by the UCI Management Committee after an in-depth bidding process and was evaluated as the most capable and experienced partner to enable UCI to deliver its mountain biking vision. especially:

  • The ability to develop and promote sport with and for athletes. All the more appropriately illustrated by the early success and participation of runners around the UCI Track Champions League.
  • An opportunity to standardize the different formats of mountain bike and strategically expand the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup calendar around the world over the coming yearsIt has also already been delivered with partners such as the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIM) to several motorsport series.
  • The proprietary ability to bring the UCI World Cup to an expanded audience and reach millions of people globally through its platforms, such as Discover +, Eurosport, Eurosport App, Global Cycling Network (GCN), Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN), and GCN +. Backed by an existing in-house media agency to maximize distribution through partner broadcasters on a region-by-region basis.
  • Experience in creating and managing eventsincluding enhanced on-site and on-screen fan experience, as well as the ability to create mass-attended mountain bike events in the future.

Additional quotes:

Chris Paul, CEO of ESO Sports said:The next eight years will see a new era of mountain bike racing and events, and we are proud and excited to take the lead in the sport with the UCI from 2023. This is a great opportunity to further develop mountain biking, with the strength of one of the world’s largest media companies and live sports producers from behind us. For the first time, all mountain bike formats will have a driving central point that can amplify the sport 365 days a year, champion athletes, support the growth of teams and raise the bar for sport around the world.

“Building on the incredible work that has been done at Cross-Country, Downhill, Enduro and E-MTB in recent years, we will begin this amazing long-term project by working with riders, teams and destinations to bring the mountain bike community together at festival-style events that celebrate the entire discipline We will elevate mountain biking alongside the world’s largest sports and within the cycling home.Over the coming years, we will improve the environmental credentials of this cycling system, advance course design, innovate safety standards, and give fans a whole new experience. while making mountain bike access easier than ever.”

Francois Ribeiro, President of Discovery Sports Events and SVP, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports said:It is very exciting to collaborate with the UCI and bring a new vision to mountain biking. The long-term nature of the Convention means that we have time to develop the mountain bike and deliver the innovations that will support this, while recognizing the strengths of today’s discipline and the large and committed audience it attracts.

“As we begin to emerge as a global fan of the UCI Track Champions League, we have all the expertise and tools to help promote and grow the sport for the better. This goes beyond oversight of broadcast coverage and commercial rights, but to the heart of the sport from calendar development to event experience, and fan engagement on the site. and on display, venue selection and management and much more. Together with the UCI and our colleagues at ESO, we can leverage all of these levers at our disposal to grow every aspect of mountain biking for the benefit of everyone associated with the sport.”

About UCI:

Founded on April 14, 1900, in Paris, France, the International Cycling Union (UCI) is the governing body for cycling worldwide. Develops and supervises cycling in all its forms and for all people: as a competitive sport, as a healthy leisure activity, as a means of transportation and also for fun. The UCI administers and promotes the 10 disciplines of road, track, mountain bike, BMX Racing, BMX Freestyle, cyclo-cross, trials, indoor cycling, e-bike and gravel. Five of them are featured in the Olympics program (road, track, mountain bike BMX Racing, and BMX Freestyle), two are in the Paralympic Games (road and track), and four are in the Youth Olympics (road, mountain bike, BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle) . For more information:

About Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe:

Representing Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe The WBD group of sports brands, channels and platforms in Europe. Collectively reaching 130 million people each month, fans and broad audiences participate in over 200 markets and over 20 languages ​​across all platforms where consumers spend time on free TV, pay TV, live streaming, online and social networking. Includes Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe much-loved consumer brands Eurosport, Global Cycling Network (GCN), Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN), Golf Digest and GOLFTV powered by PGA TOUR, as well as sports programming and content on Discovery + and Free Discover – TV networks. They connect fans with the world’s greatest sporting events. This includes being the home of the Olympic Games in Europe. Grand Slam tennis. Major cycling tours, over 600 bike broadcasts annually and the UCI Track Champions League; year-round PGA Tour; Best new and existing electric racing series with the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship and FIA eTouring Car World Cup; And all the major World Championships and World Cups for winter sports. Warner Bros. complements. Discovery Sports Europe offers a full 360-degree view through its event management and promotion arm, Discovery Sports Events.

About Discovery Sports Events

Discovery Sports Events is the event management division owned by Discovery that oversees 55 events annually across 5 continents. With 15 years of experience at Eurosport Events, they offer a wealth of experience on two and four wheels with a focus on electric motorsports, motorcycles and cycling. It acts as a global promoter and commercial rights holder for 5 world championships in long-standing relationships with governing bodies including the FIA, FIM and UCI. On four wheels, it promotes the WTCR Cup – the FIA ​​World Touring Car and the FIA ​​ETCR eTouring World Cup, the world’s first all-electric car championship. Starting in 2023, it will also promote the FIA ​​Electric GT Flagship Championship, a new long-term platform for manufacturers to showcase their flagship GT cars and innovative technologies. On two wheels, his 10-year alliance with FIM will see the promotion of Speedway events globally, including the FIM Speedway Grand Prix, starting in 2022 as well as promoting the FIM Endurance World Motorcycle Championship since 2015. Launched in November 2021, it promotes UCI World Track League, the innovative new series that opens a new chapter in the history of track cycling. Discovery Sports Events offers a full range of event management services including merchandising, television production, media rights distribution, press office management, sponsorship acquisition, and customer service.

About ESO Sports

ESO Sports specialize in global mountain bike racing and festivals. Founded in 2012, ESO Sports is the owner and operator of the Enduro World Series (EWS), which now has a network of more than 80 events in 35 countries. The EWS has been certified by the International Cycling Union (UCI) including the EWS-E, the first international e-bike series by the UCI.

In 2021, Warner Brothers Discovery invested in ESO Sports, strengthening the organization’s relationship with the Play Sports Network and strengthening its commitment to advancing mountain biking globally. 2023 will see ESO Sports introduce the MTB marathon and mountain bike races to the 2023 UCI World Championships.

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