The Notebook: A more realistic chance he might play Nazim Qadri?

If there’s one thing about the Colorado avalanche and injuries, it’s this: If there’s no chance of a player returning for a season or series, they’ll say it. And if they say there’s a chance of a player returning for a series/season, it’s probably a better 50/50 chance. So, the fact that Avs coach Jared Bednar said today that he and his team are “hopeful” that Nazim Qadri will return to the Stanley Cup Finals was a good sign for the team and fans.

Bednar said that both Kadri and veteran depths man Andrew Cogliano have had surgeries on their right hands (Nashid Kadri on a thumb, Cogliano on another) and that they are both working – hopefully – to get back by the finals, which we’re still doing ‘I don’t know when it will start.’

“Both players are back (around the team). Qadri is in the gym this morning, doing everything he can to get back to being able to play, and we hope that these two players – hopefully, depending on the schedule – will be able to make it back to the finals. We’ll see how it goes. things when they play etc. But we hope it will be an option for us.”

My hunch: You’ll see both in the finals. Just a hunch, nothing more. I mean, there might be another nine days left until the start. However, what worries me the most is: the chance of re-offending, especially in such a quick comeback. Because you know very well that the opponent will target those injuries.

The avalanche underwent light practice today as some players made the choice not to skate. That will change tomorrow.

“We wanted to get them up and moving. The guys were in the gym before the workout, and they’re in the gym now after the workout. But we wanted to get them on the ice and moving, so we could do a really good workout tomorrow,” Bednar said. And who will be against it? But it’s important that we put our work into our work days.”

On target guidance status, Bednar said: “It is a difficult decision. There will be talks about it. We will make a decision and start from there.”

My hunch: Darcy Comber will return to the starting grid. Just a hunch.

By the way, Kuemper was made available to the media today. He says he feels 100 percent, but he won’t talk about the upper body injury that kept him out for two games in the last series.

When asked how he saw the disc, he said, “Its vision is really good.”

Kuemper had landed Job #1 before he was injured. He is healthy again. Pavel Francos also scored five goals in the fourth match. I think Player 1 got the job back when he was healthy again – and when the support looked shaky in the last game.

“It’s never fun to watch from the sidelines, especially at the big games,” said Kuemper, who has a savings rating of 897 in this qualifier. “But Frankie came and did a great job and it was great to watch the guys go out there and get wins. It was nice to be back in the squad for that last game and to be a part of it.”

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