Three possible alternatives to Thiago Silva for Chelsea

Milan Skriniar of Inter Milan (Photo by Simon Arveda/Getty Images)

First of all, it’s important to mention that we probably won’t be seeing a centre-back like Thiago Silva any time soon. However, Silva will be with Chelsea for at least another year, but it would be naive and careless not to start looking for alternatives. Silva turns 38 a month into the next season. This would make him the top defensive player in the Premier League, and as good as the Brazilian veteran has been, CFC will have to replace him at some point. It would probably be impossible to replace him given everything he brings to the side, however, Chelsea can get some great players in their own right, and at least bring some of what Silva brings to the side.

Last month we discussed Robin Le Norman, Brendan Chardonnet, and Hiroki Ito as a potential replacement for Antonio Rudiger. This time we will discuss possible alternatives to former PSG captain Silva. The trustworthy legend of Brazil is a smart player and reads the game perfectly. His passing is second to none among the Premier League’s midfielders and his composure in possession helps Chelsea clear the ball from defence. Silva led Chelsea in volume of passes and long balls throughout his time at Chelsea. Thiago Silva’s replacement will need to embody most of these traits, including the leadership he brings. Thiago Silva is not fast, but he makes up for it more with an impeccable position. Here are some of the players that could replace Silva in the coming years:

Chelsea could target Nayef Ajord (Stadium Rennes) Morocco

Aguerd joined Rennes in August 2020. He has been with Ligue 1 Stade Rennais or Rennes, for two seasons and has played the most number of matches as a central defender for the club since joining (66). Aguirre’s reading of the game is clearly top notch. He did very well with Rennes last season, helping them reach fourth place while controlling the fourth highest possession rate in the league.

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