Three reasons why the Bears should go after DK Metcalfe

It has been officially reported by Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network that DK Metcalf is not in the mandatory mini camp in Seattle. Although DK is currently rehabilitating from the foot surgery he had early in the season, he has been known to want a new deal and is awaiting an extension. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll commented on the situation a few days ago and said the next few weeks will be crucial, and he “hopes” the teams will work on the problem. Seattle has a proven track record of paying owners, but given the team’s current situation, they may in fact choose not to answer and start answering calls if they haven’t already. If the opportunity presents itself, here are three reasons why bears are going after DK Metcalf this summer.

1. Maximizing Justin Fields’ Rookie Window

One of the most valuable things in the NFL is the rookie QB player in the rookie deal. Seattle is so familiar with the concept that they won the Super Bowl using this method with Russell Wilson under center. As of this writing, the Seahawks are currently in a QB fight involving Geno Smith and Drew Lock. I’m not sure DK or Seattle for that matter confident that one of those two would be the guy going forward. It is clear that Shopping DK will speed up its rebuilding and help fill a critical need that Chicago currently has in the wide receiver. Don’t get me wrong, I love Darnell Money. I’m also excited about the additions of Velus Jones Jr. and Byron Pringle. However, add DK Metcalf to this parlor room and I think the bears could be on the verge of something special. The bears in 2022 likely won’t even race with this addition. But if they can get Metcalf without giving up 2023 first, that would be huge. A deal that might be possible is one that Robert Schmitz kicked out of the Windy City Gridiron two days ago.

He made the Bears give up their 2023 second and third round picks + a second round in 2024 for DK.

I would be willing to forgo Metcalf’s first deal, but if Seattle agrees to the deal suggested above, sign me.

2. Perfect fit

As Matt Eberflus mentioned, Justin throws a ball too deep. Now imagine the defense must contend with a mix of both Darnell Mooney and DK Metcalf to go along with Fields’ accuracy. The possibility is fun to think about. Luke Getsy can get in his bag and get really creative or he can simply let Fields cook. With an addition like this, the bears reception room would get a huge boost. Maybe all the way from the bottom ten to the top ten. He might get carried away in this expectation but I said what I said. I remember what Brandon Marshall did to Jay Cutler his first two years with the Bears. Despite two different cases, I see a lot of Marshall in DK referring to skill set and scale. I think combining Fields and DK could produce similar results but with less drama.

3. Bears know what they’re getting

Since entering the NFL three years ago, DK Metcalf has a 3,170 total with 29 touchdowns. He is 24 years old.

I’ve had conversations with some fans and they’re hesitant to part with the assets in order to get a DK. The two reasons I often get are “the bears are going down this year and they’ll get a high pick” or “it’s too expensive”. First, if you think bears are rushing, you don’t believe in Justin Fields. And if so, find another team. He’s obviously joking (kinda). And to answer that second appeal, all WRs get paid. You can thank Christian Kirk. I know some want to wait and grab WR in next year’s draft and that could work out really well since there are record recipients who have graduated from college nowadays. But not too long ago, the Bears drafted Kevin White, and although it was health that derailed his career, it still set the Bears back on track. Why risk in the draft when you might not have to?

I say give me the guy who’s 6’4, 235 pounds, and runs 4.3 forty.

Not to mention he’s already established himself as a WR1 in the NFL and he’s only getting better.

A move like this makes perfect sense if you ask me. But then again, what do I know.

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