Well Alex Caruso, we got it… you really love Chicago (we love you too)

Alex Caruso wasted no time in becoming a fan favorite in Chicago, and his last words are part of the reason.

On his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Thursday, Caruso expressed his delight in wearing red, specifically praising his new city fan base:

“Fans in general, are good sports fans,” Caruso said. “Chicago natives understand the game. They understand football and basketball and they know what’s good to play and what’s bad. There were two games this year where we were booed because we played like sh*t, and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s very appropriate,’ I would have booed, too.

I love playing in Chicago. I love Billy Donovan. I love the front office. I love our team. We have great guys.”

Well, my heart definitely feels warm and fuzzy!

When the organization’s front office handed Caruso a four-year, $37 million deal last season, he surprised everyone. Not only has Caruso never been linked with the Bulls as a potential target for the free agent, but he has been on tour with the Lakers as he quickly established himself to be one of the best defenders in the game.

Despite some unfortunate injury issues that only saw him make 41 appearances, he went on to prove that he was an elite defensive anchor. Caruso finished in a tie with fifth in steals per game (1.7) and an estimated defensive record plus-minus that is ranked in the league’s 94th percentile, per glass-cleaning.

Chance in Chicago also resulted in more playing time for the insect on the ball. Caruso’s 28 minutes per game comfortably topped his previous career high of 21 minutes the previous year, and his 18 starts also happened to be the most in a season. So while the more significant role could be part of why Caruso fell in love with his new home, I think it’s also clear that he feels appreciated by fans and members of the organization alike (and this isn’t the first time he’s expressed it).

Caruso also went on to talk a little more about (*dark clouds fill the sky and lightning strikes*) The Grayson Allen Incident. There was confusion over whether Allen had contact with Caruso or not, but the man himself has now made it clear that Allen tried to make an apology later in the regular season. He went on to say that he plans to speak with Allen after the Bulls-Bucks series in the first round, however, his absence from Game 5 with a concussion ended up preventing that conversation from happening.

“I’m just going to talk to him and be like, ‘Brother, I won’t forgive you for that, but I don’t wish bad on the man… I hate seeing men get injured. I want men to be able to be healthy, play basketball, and earn their money’,” said Caruso. And do whatever they have to do.”

The veteran guard suggested he plans to step back to purify the air.

Anyway, you can catch this clip (and more interviews with it) below:

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