What It Means CJ Carr’s Commitment To Notre Dame To Recruit QB In Michigan In 2024

A quarterback in the 2024 class made his verbal commitment Thursday night when five-star CJ Carr pledged to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Championship over the Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans and a few other shows.

With Carr, grandson of former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, officially out of the Wolverines mix, where will they go in the junior class?

The good news for Michigan is that Carr was just one of the few five-star quarterbacks in the 2024 class that the Wolverines recruited so heavily. Let’s start with Jadyn Davis, another five-star passerby in the class who just made an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor last week. The visit went so well for the 6-foot, 190-pounder coaster from Charlotte, North Carolina, that Rivals recruiting analyst Adam Friedman made a prediction for the Wolverines to finally make their commitment.

Davis’ father spoke with 247Sports’ Steve Weltfong (USD) after their visit to Michigan and inflated the facilities, academics, and pedigree of Harbaugh’s NFL.

“Harbaugh is an NFL guy,” said Mr. Davis. “He sat there talking about development, he, 14 years as an NFL quarterback and he’s been on both sides of the house whether it’s the NFL, college, there’s a connection between the two. Piece of development, experience and knowledge – no one else is matched when considering playing this position and developing someone to play this position at the highest level. Andrew Lack.

All other elite programs are also in Davis, but Michigan made a really positive first impression with him and his family. This is definitely one to monitor going forward.

Another five-star player Harbaugh and his company is recruiting is Julian Sayin. The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder craft from California first visited Ann Arbor in April, and was also impressed with what the Wolverines had to offer.

“It was great,” Sain told The Michigan Insider’s Brice Marich (in dollars) after his visit. “My first time in Ann Arbor and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The facilities, the energy from the coaching staff, I was able to watch the teams in the morning and loved seeing their culture (all of which exceeded my expectations).”

“I really enjoyed my time there and they hold a high place in my work.”

Since his visit to Michigan, Sign has made a trip to Florida and made visits to Texas on June 11, LSU on June 12 and Alabama on June 13. These will be his last three visits of the summer, he told 247Sports Greg Biggins. He wants to stick with the commitment this fall, so it will be necessary for the Wolverines to bring him back to play in a game before his announcement.

Two more midfield goals for Michigan in the 2024 class are a pair of four-stars – Michael Van Buuren and Isaiah Marshall.

Van Buren plays at St. Francis Academy in Baltimore, a school that Michigan has a very strong relationship with thanks to Bev Bogey. They’ve come to Blake Corum and Nikhai Hill-Green from the same program in recent years, so Wolverines could definitely dip their toes in that water if both five-star players go elsewhere. Van Buren has a rocket to his arm and has other shows from Alabama, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, Pete, and more. Michigan showed it to him last October, so he’s been on it for a little while now.

As for Marshall, he referred to Jim Harbo personally Grant offered In 2019 when the Southfield native was just 13 years old and in seventh grade. Since then, he’s had other shows from Louisville, Purdue, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Pitt, and more. As a sophomore, he threw for 2,236 yards and 28 touchdowns, to go along with 534 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. It is a real double threat and would also be a welcome addition to the program.

All in all, losing an old recruit like Carr is upsetting, but it’s not as bad as it could be when you look at the bigger picture. If Carr was in Dante Moore’s position — with Michigan only recruiting him for its quarterback — then, yes, it would be a huge loss; Perhaps the biggest recruiting loss since Harbo took over. But with five stars like Davis and Sign and four stars like Van Buren and Marshall still waiting to be involved, I’m hesitant to get too upset about this news.

And speaking of Moore, Carr’s commitment to the Irish certainly won’t hurt Michigan’s chances of landing Moore in the 2023 class. In fact, if anything, it helped a lot.

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