Who Will Win (Loss?) Rudi Gobert’s Trade Splendor?

Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert
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Rudy Gobert is the off-season CJ McCollum as every GM will call the star player and have a counteroffer with the secondary player. Yes, we know you called about Donovan, but for the low price of the couple’s draft options and salary dump, you can get Rudy from $38 million to $46 million for the next three seasons.

it was there Rumors that the bulls could replace Nikola Vucevic with the Stifle Tower, and that would help Chicago lose in seven games instead of their usual six in the first round. Other teams that have been floated as potential business partners for Joubert are Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and Toronto, to me in ESPN Zack Lowe.

I’m a little confused because this is a scattered shot of the perks. Birds of prey always seem to know something other teams don’t; theyThe Avs and Hawks seem clever but fail to surround the franchise player with the necessary second option; This would be another step towards the absurdity of managing the new bulls after they had paid their last peculiar gamble; Then there are the Hornets, who are just happy to be grouped into rumors of a “star” player.

So of the five teams – Bulls, Raptors, Hawks, Mavs and Hornets – dumb enough to think they’re smart enough to turn Gobert into a redeemable asset when he’s also the 16th highest-paid player in the NBA, who has the best shot? And what better place for Rudy to land other than FC Barcelona? (Yes, Joubert deserves to be in the league, but his skills and the way he’s called abroad is the reason France featured in the Olympics and even beat the United States.)

We’ll go from worst to better, and I’ll try very hard not to refer to Joubert as a glorified role player.

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