Women’s College World Championship 2022 results: Oklahoma wins second straight national title

Jocelyn Allo has not scored a game on the field since February 13.

But the senior player has a real flair for drama, so when Oklahoma coach Patti Gasso put her in left field in the tail of the seventh inning Thursday night, Allo was ready.

She stumbled upon consecutive fly balls before leaving in a raucous round of applause. As tears streamed down her face, her impact on the Oklahoma show was clear to everyone.

Allo wasn’t the Sooners’ best player on Thursday. But her teammates, notably Jayda Coleman and Kinzie Hansen, have stepped up. Oklahoma claimed its second consecutive national championship, defeating Texas 10-5 in Game Two of the Women’s College World Series.

For all of the Sooners’ talent with the bat, it was a pair of defensive plays that stole the show. At the bottom of the first, Coleman climbed to a hit on his turf, holding the longhorns for a ride on the sacrifice fly. Then with one hit, she did it again, stretching over the fence to steal Courtney Day from Homer and ending the run.

Game 1: Soon they will make history defeating the Longhorns

The explosive fifth and sixth inning propelled the Sooners to a sixth NCAA title. Dinger Hansen in fifth put the match away.

Sports news followed live score updates and highlights from the Oklahoma vs Texas Softball game. Follow us for the full results from Game Two of the 2022 College Girls’ World Series.

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texas vs oklahoma softball score

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 F
Oklahoma 0 0 0 2 4 4 0 10
Texas 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 5

College College World Series live updates, highlights from Game 2

(all times east)

10:40 PM – And haha! Oklahoma 2022 National Champion! What a team! What a season!

10:39 PM – Troutin walks into Dayton, and sends Alyssa Washington to the board. This game is not over yet.

10:36 PM – wait a moment. Mia Scott shoots a ball over the fence to cut Oklahoma’s lead to 10-5. One is out for long centuries, but they are out to fight.

10:28 PM – Hello catch another! What a moment for seniors! One of the greatest fighters to ever enter the field in the team game, she captured two flyballs to finish her college career.

Gasso pulls Alo out and lets her have a curtain call. There are tears streaming down Alo’s face as she walks into the dugout for the last time in her OU career.

10:26 PM – Clearly, Allo has a penchant for drama. She’s crashing a fly ball for the first time, her first flight since Feb. 13.

Big pitcher Hope Trautwein comes in for his last shot.

10:24 PM – They give Aloo a standing ovation in Oklahoma City. Coach Bate Jasu has led Alo to the left field in the last three matches.

10:22 PM – Oklahoma is three times away from another dance with softball glory. Nicole May will be in the circle in the final inning.

10:09 PM – He might come out unscathed. Soon, three teams are close to becoming back-to-back national champions.

9:59 PM – Sophia Simpson topped the last two games for Longhorns. However, the damage may already be done.

10-2 sooner headed into the bottom of sixth place.

9:50 PM – And that’s all I wrote. The Lyons hit the ball in the left stands to give the Sooners a 10-2 lead.

There’s going to be a raucous party in Norman tonight.

9:48 PM – Dayton is doing another great play to steal a hit from Jennings. However, the runner scores on the follow-up crown.

9:46 pm – Allo snaps after hitting a ball past Washington. Loaded bases for Tyre Jennings. This can get ugly.

9:44 PM – After two sooner reach the base, Alo is on the board. It could be her last as a member of Oklahoma. It could be an unforgettable one.

9:37 PM – Another web gem from the Sooners! Scott lined the ball in the left field. But Britto got a nice break, diving to snatch another blow away from the Longhorns!

What a defensive performance this stadium had in Oklahoma today!

9:33 PM – He might get a K! May defeats Whitaker in a 3-2 change to start her day.

9:31 PM – Nicole May steps in for Bahl, who finished the day by two strokes in four rounds of action. Jordan Whitaker leads for centuries at the bottom of the fifth.

9:27 PM – Head coach Mike White pulls out the Czech after she drops another tough song. Haile Dulcini comes in and the third comes out.

But Texas has a lot to do. He dropped 6-2 in a must-win game with only nine teams left.

9:24 PM – When something hits you, it can get worse. The Czech left a curve ball in the area again and this time, Hansen makes her push. A shot was fired into the stands, causing a rush to Oklahoma’s faithful.

It’s 6-2 sooner at the top of the fifth game.

9:21 pm – And haha! OU take the lead! Brito knocks at Jennings with a double to give the Sooners a one-time advantage.

And soon have two contestants in the scoring position with two guest. Pivotal time for the Czechs and Longhorns.

9:19 pm – The Czech hits Lyon with a pitch, and Jennings sends – the green light – to the scoring center. Oklahoma is rising rapidly.

9:17 PM – Jennings hits a Czech floor in the hole to score her first kick of the match.

9:14 pm – Alo smokes a ball deep in the center, but Dayton rushes to the warning lane to catch the ball. The Czech language is pumped up, and the Longhorns are just one short walk out of the run.

9:12 PM – Bella Dayton gently grabs the ball, and slips to deny Coleman’s flyball on center court. Hello so painting now.

9:05 PM – Jayda Coleman in a defensive clinic.

JJ Smith tried to finish second after cutting a ball into the gap. But Coleman throws a shooting arrow into second place to stop Smith in her tracks. A huge massive play for the second student.

Bahl gets the knockout to end the inning. This is how it is done.

8:57 PM – This is more like it! Longhorns present another double game, seventh in WCWS. This is very much related to the history of the competition.

Another fly pop ends the round. Match tied, 2-2.

8:54 PM – This is what happens when errors accumulate. The Czech meatball offers a curve-up ball in the area. Jana Jones sent her onto the field, Kenzi Hansen scored and held the match at 2.

The Texans have to dominate this fourth round sooner rather than later.

8:51 PM – Texas faces itself in trouble with its field errors. Scott quietly throws a weak third-crusher, but misses his throw. Brito scores after a clever piece of basic running, cutting the Texas lead in half.

The Longhorns are at 21-19 when they make a mistake. This just won’t get the job done.

8:46 pm – Alyssa Britto puts a ball over Jefferson’s head and heads toward second base for a two-time playoff. A promising start for the fourth soon.

8:44 PM – Great play by Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year Grace Lions. Extends to deny Iakubo and secure double play.

8:42 PM – Dayton walks for the second time today, this time to lead the turn.

8:34 PM – Cheek is doing what she’s doing against the killer part of the OU lineup. After walking Alo, she persuaded Jennings to connect poorly, who began playing double.

Follow it with another fly.

So far, so good for Texas.

8:28 PM – Tylon Snow Reels in the driving line easily to finish the stroke. Getting some good wood in the Bahl’s pitches early on might be something to watch out for as the game progresses.

8:23 PM – Bahl struggles to gain control of her a bit early. I just walked another longhorn racket. You have given up three strokes and walk twice in one round of work.

It would have been worse had it not been for Coleman’s hunting, too.

8:20 PM – Jennings stops a ball from Smith, allowing the Longhorns’ first baseman to climb.

8:17 PM – Long trumpets come out of it! A clever primary played for the first time by JJ Smith to mark the main runner on a weak chopper.

Then the Czech came right back to her, prompting another Bob fly to finish the inning. Really good show by the czech and her texas colleagues so far.

8:15 pm – Jana Jones throws a curve ball which the Czech has kept in the area for two times. The first sign of trouble in the Czech Republic today.

8:13 pm – The Czech finds its groove really early. Tylon Snow makes a whiff on a sloppy ball.

8:11 pm – Another mistake by the Longhorns leads to the Sooners player. Washington was rocking a bit and struggling to fire in a hot shot on a short stop.

8:08 PM – Incredible grab from Coleman! Courtney Day fired a ball that seemed destined to leave the yard.

But Coleman stretched high above the wall to pull the ball back and keep the Sooners deficit at 2. Great stuff!

8:05 PM – Coleman makes another great snatch, stretching high to deprive Mary Ikubo of Homer. The ball is deep enough that the Longhorns can score another runner.

2-0 long horns.

8:03 pm – Texas strikes first! Alyssa Washington kicks a ball deep into the right field. And while Riley Boone makes a nice snag, it’s deep enough to score Jefferson.

1-0 on long horns.

8:01 pm – A bit of an occasional call to loads of Longhorns bases. Bella Dayton seemed to break the plane while attempting a hit on the 3-1 count. Hikmet Hikmet she did not go.

Longhorns has a real chance to make Oklahoma pay.

7:59 PM – Mia Scott takes it in the opposite direction to put two on, not far from the Longhorns. A promising early start for Texas.

7:57 PM – After a short delay, Jefferson hit the ball midfield to get to base.

7:51 PM – Newbie Jordi Bah has the ball for the urgent. Bahl received American honors and won the National Freshman of the Season award.

7:48 PM – The Czechs are doing a great job early on. Converging popups to finish off the top half of the run. Long horns reach for bats now.

7:45 pm – Mistakes keep piling up over the centuries. Janie Jefferson couldn’t find a weak player for Tyree Jennings cleanly. Two days, one out for the Grace Lions.

7:42 PM – The Czech will get you on strike! The Czech throws a bad curve ball that falls into the area and Alo looks down. Something you definitely don’t see every day from Alo.

7:40 PM – Coleman hits solo on the court. One on Sooners star Jocelyn Allo.

7:38 PM – Czech student Estelle in the Long Centuries Circle. Jayda Coleman shines in first place.

7:35 PM – Just a few minutes from the start of Game 2. It feels like a lively atmosphere in Oklahoma City.

How to watch the 2022 Women’s College World Championship Finals

  • start time: 7:30 p.m. Eastern time
  • TV channel: ESPN2
  • Live broadcast: ESPN app, Sling TV

Women’s College World Series coverage will continue on the ESPN Family of Networks. Match 2 of the Women’s World College Finals will be broadcast on ESPN2.

The ESPN Broadcasting Team for the Finals will feature Beth Mowens calling out the game play; Olympic medalists Jesica Mendoza and Michelle Smith provide analysis; and Hall of Fame side reporter Holly Rowe.

The game will also be streamed live on the ESPN and Sling TV app.

Women’s College World Championship 2022 schedule

Wednesday June 8

1 . game series
Oklahoma 16, Texas 1 Oklahoma 1-0

Thursday 9th June

2 . game series
Oklahoma 10, Texas 5 Oklahoma 2-0

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