5 Ryan Pace Players Who Could Stay With The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are rebuilding their roster and this primarily starts with shredding things. While the team has cleared a lot of the clutter that Ryan Pace left behind, it would be nice if some of the players Pace built with them could stick around.

While these players won’t turn out to be NFL stars, they are in-depth players that Ryan Pace has been developing. If Pace deserves credit for one thing, it must be how he found late picks, who are some of Pace’s players who could become deep cuts in the long run under the Poles regime?

5. Deandre Houston-Carson could be a lifelong Chicago Bears

You could say Ryan Poles has already deemed DHC worth keeping. However, he only signed a one-year deal, and the money he signed doesn’t mean he’ll guarantee the roster’s composition.

Meanwhile, Houston Carson was excellent with the Bears when he was called up in defense last season. It was a surprising discovery, and if he can continue with that kind of play he can find himself on the field in small situations.

Furthermore, DHC has been Ryan Pace’s favourite since 2016 without any defensive production as he is appreciated in special teams. For six years, he worked on the rolls based on his skill in special teams only.

The Chicago Bears have a big decision to make with Eddie Jackson. They still have holes that will be addressed in another season, so creating multiple holes in the security depth chart is not smart. Ryan Pauls must hold on to DNC, and DHCC may slowly become the next Sherik McManis, who continues through several coaching staff and front offices.

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