Bradlett Bell is in Boston for Game 4 between the Celtics and Warriors

Washington Wizards goalkeeper Bradley Beal is the present For Game 4 of the NBA Finals between Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors.

However, it’s possible that Bale isn’t in TD Garden to just take in the basketball game: the 28-year-old is in Boston to support fellow St. Louis and friend Jason Tatum, who was in his first NBA Finals.

The two players share a close relationship, which is why the Wizards are there to be a friend support system. In April, Tatum talked about their friendship despite the four-year age difference.

“Brad is the older brother I never had. I remember, it was either my first year or sophomore [of high school]Tatum said.

“Brad just texted me; he was like, ‘Hey, ask your mom, can you come over here and relax with me and go to a couple games?’ I’m like, OK, bet; I’m out. Two games.”

Although Bale is a good friend by attendance, the goalkeeper will see two teams that have had a long season as well as grueling play-offs to reach the final. The Wizards star sees what it takes to play in the NBA Finals, and he recently walked away from talking about his future with him Ovarian Report Taylor Rocks.

“I know what my decision will be based on, and that will be where I feel I can win,” Bill told the Rocks.

This will be my decision. If I feel I can win in DC, that’s what I will do, and I want people to respect that. You may not be able to, but I will fight my ass. I will compete and try to improve this team. If it was elsewhere, it would be the exact same commitment.”

Bale has a player option for his 2022-23 contract but can either sign a long-term deal with the Wizards for five years and about $242 million or opt for a four-year deal as a free agent for $179 million.

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