Charlotte Hornets 2022 NBA Draft Tracker Tracker

The Charlotte Hornets continue to host draft practice sessions on a nearly daily basis as we approach the 2022 NBA draft on June 23. We’ll use this post to keep the tracker up to date and share a few tidbits about the workouts that come as they happen.

Here’s what we’ve been missing since our last post:

  • The eighth of June: The Hornets are starting to get some practice in with legitimate second-round goals with two seniors and guards who would be nice additions to the roster and/or the squadron.
  • June 9: Mostly publications and swarm capabilities
  • June 10: The highlight of the day are two solo workouts, one with Duke’s Mark Williams and the other with Kentucky’s Shaydon Sharp. Williams is often associated with Hornets as a seamless fit for the needs of larger Hornets. Sharp is expected to go much higher than what the Hornets are currently picking at, so his visit to Charlotte is interesting to say the least.

Here is the full list of visits so far:

Charlotte Hornets 2022 Pre-Draft Training

Date player Site The school
Date player Site The school
29/5/2022 Koadirchi Akobundu-Ehiogu big UT- Arlington
29/5/2022 Russie Bolton Protect Gonzaga
29/5/2022 Tari Eason straight ahead LSU
29/5/2022 Terquavion Smith Protect North Carolina
29/5/2022 Marcus Withers wing SMU
29/5/2022 Isaiah Wally straight ahead Okon
6/1/2022 Ochai Agbaji wing kansas
6/1/2022 Trevor Keeles wing duke
6/1/2022 Jan Montero Protect Elite Extra
6/1/2022 James Akingo Protect Baylor
6/1/2022 Kofi Cockburn big Illinois
6/1/2022 Luka Brajkovic big Davidson
6/2/2022 Duo Ding Protect UTSA
6/2/2022 Flanders Fleming Jr. Protect Florida
6/2/2022 no gosh Protect Utah
6/2/2022 Jalen Johnson Protect mercer
6/2/2022 Tommy Kohsi Protect Saint Mary’s
6/3/2022 Galen Addaoui wing Saint Bonaventure
6/3/2022 Patrick Baldwin Jr. wing Milwaukee
6/3/2022 Moussa Diabat straight ahead Michigan
6/3/2022 Colin Gillespie Protect Villanova
6/3/2022 Quinton Jackson wing Texas A&M
6/3/2022 Alex O’Connell wing Creton
6/4/2022 Kennedy Chandler Protect Tennessee
6/4/2022 Cameron McGuestie wing Miami, FL)
6/4/2022 Justin Minaya wing Providence
6/4/2022 Josh Minot straight ahead Memphis
6/4/2022 Daryl Morsell wing market
6/4/2022 dinars notay Protect Arkansas
6/6/2022 Keon Ellis wing Alabama
6/6/2022 Mike Foster straight ahead G League Ignite
6/6/2022 Kellan Grady wing Kentucky
6/6/2022 Ron Harper Jr. wing Rutgers
6/6/2022 Brandon Horvath straight ahead Utah
6/6/2022 Iga Summer Protect Fuenlabrada (Spain)
6/7/2022 Tyson Etienne Protect Wichita
6/7/2022 Jordan Goldwire Protect Oklahoma
6/7/2022 John Mix wing College of Charleston
6/7/2022 Orlando Robinson big Fresno State
6/7/2022 De Shaun Schwartz wing George Mason
6/7/2022 Bryson Williams straight ahead Texas Tech
6/8/2022 Hugo Besson Protect New Zealand Breakers (Australia NBL)
6/8/2022 Khalifa Diop big Gran Canaria (Spain)
6/8/2022 hyungong lee wing Davidson
6/8/2022 Javaanti McCoy Protect Boston University
6/8/2022 Andrew Nimbard Protect Gonzaga
6/8/2022 Yannick Nzoza big Unicaja (Spain)
9/6/2022 Dominic Barlow straight ahead Elite Extra
9/6/2022 Garrison Brooks straight ahead Mississippi
9/6/2022 John Butler big Florida
9/6/2022 Michael Defoe Protect Georgia Tech
9/6/2022 Mitch Lightfoot big kansas
9/6/2022 Iverson Molinar Protect Mississippi
10/06/2022 Max Christie wing Michigan State
10/06/2022 RG Cool Protect Yukon
10/06/2022 Golden Grant big Richmond
10/06/2022 Alex Hunter Protect Foreman
10/06/2022 Ismael Kamagati big Basketball Paris (France)
10/06/2022 Guy Santos wing Minas (Brazil)
10/06/2022 Mark Williams big duke
10/06/2022 cheddon sharp wing Kentucky

Charlotte Hornets 2022 Pre-Draft Training

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