Chris Carson talks about the Seahawks offseason, as well as new teammate Noah Fant

Field Gulls had the opportunity to interview the Seattle Seahawks who turn their back on Chris Carson, who was hosted by Brandan Schulz alongside Clinton Bonner. The full interview is available on the regular Field Gulls podcast, but here’s an immediate reaction to what we discussed.

The question everyone wants to know is whether we’ll see Carson on the court this year. Pete Carroll has pointed out a few things in recent days, and unfortunately we still have to wait and see. Carson said he is “taking it slow and trying to correct my body. I know there are a lot of reports.”

We won’t get anything new about his neck injury.

You may have seen Carson talking about his Cane Corso from Seahawks social media last month, and he was excited to talk about his dog Sosa.

“I just love dogs. A Corso is an Italian mastiff, they get 130-150 pounds, but they are very cute. They are gentle giants. I fell in love when I saw my first one in Seattle.”

We also asked about the team’s new look, specifically Russell Wilson and the rest of the departures. The response here was interesting.

“Everyone is young. They come to try to learn, to try to improve. And it’s starting to show. It’s still early, what you see until you put the sanitary pads on. But everything is going in the right direction.”

Take your pick on the concept that everything is moving in the right direction. It can simply be about young players training and learning things. But that’s a less likely option in my mind than a general nod about the team. I’d be curious if it had to do with this off season alone, or a deeper reference to some of the sub-optimal connections, friction and philosophy that leaked out for a few years.

This summer, the team had a chance to breathe after hitting the full restart button with trade and some massive free agent departures. Or it could be a simple acknowledgment of things like when the Big Three leaders in Seattle made official statements that Russell Wilson wanted something different from the team’s current trajectory. With so few veterans left, it’s inevitable that this year’s camp will feel fresh, hungry, and different.

Clinton asked Carson about his favorite game or game. You might think the coup against the Carolina Panthers, but no, he was more proud of a double-team defeat against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Beyond that, he noted that the team’s trip to London to play the Auckland Raiders was one of the highlights of his career. He said it was a way to connect with his teammates like no other.

Then at the end of the day, this USAA interview was done, and as part of the deal, Chris Carson gave Noah Fant a tour of Seattle. So we asked about Fant as a new teammate:

“He is a crazy athlete. Noah loves to work, and he will keep improving. He is someone who loves to study. He is a good guy.”

As the highest pick of players that have come to the Seahawks in the trade, Fant was a reputable tight end already early in his career, and I’m sure Pete Carroll has been keeping an eye on his drive and work ethic.

Carson wouldn’t reveal his secret favorite spots shown by Fant, but agreed that the Pike Place fish throw is pretty cool.

Full interview below!

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