Colin Cord predicts the Vikings will win 16 games in 2022

FOX Sports analyst Colin Cord expects the Minnesota Vikings to double their winning total by 8-9 from the 2021 season. That means he expects a team that has missed the playoffs in consecutive years to win 16 games in 2022.

Yes, you read that correctly.

“I’ve said this before. I think the team that will double their winning total will be the Minnesota Vikings,” Cord said during an episode of The Herd on Friday. “I think the Minnesota Vikings, coach, Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins ​​had a really bad relationship. Now they bring a [Sean] McVay man, which is supposed to be, as they say, a taller version of McVay.”

The Vikings should improve a lot with O’Connell taking over from Zimmer.

This Super Bowl-winning experience really built with the Coach of the Year winning the Lombardy Cup as offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in February.

But 16 wins on the season feels like a stretch.

Are the Vikings about to win as many regular season games as the 2007 New England Patriots Championship?

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