Curry scored 43 to beat Boston, Warriors tied in the NBA Finals 2-2

BOSTON (AP) – He stepped foot, waved his arms, flexed his muscles and spoke back to the crowd.

Stephen Curry also made baskets. Lots of those too.

In a demonstrative and dominant performance that was one of his best post-season careers, Curry scored 43 points to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 107-97 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night, sending the streak back to San Francisco tied in two games each. who are they.

Two nights after suffering a foot injury in a third game loss, the league’s MVP streaked twice and worked his way up to his third-highest post-season total, adding 10 rebounds and making a pair of baskets during the 10-0 fourth-quarter streak that turned Boston’s lead by four Points to the Golden State lead 100-94. It was the second most points he scored in the NBA Finals.

“This guy’s heart is incredible,” said Warriors guard Klay Thompson. “The things he does, we sometimes take for granted, are to get out there and put us on his back. We have to help him on Monday.”

Andrew Wiggins has 17 points and 16 boards for the Warriors, who have won at least one road game in a 27-point consecutive NBA playoff series since 2013. They will host Game 5 on Monday night, with Game 6 in Boston on Thursday; Golden State will have a home field advantage in the seventh inning, if necessary.

“We had to do it the hard way,” said Celtics coach Aimee Odoka, whose team won 7-0 after losing in the 2022 post-season. “We have to do it again. It would have been an easier path, of course, if I got the win tonight. But now we are 2-2. We know we can do it. We’ve done it before.”

Jason Tatum had 23 points and 11 rebounds for Boston, but he only managed one basket while playing the entire fourth quarter. Jaylen Brown scored 21 points and Robert Williams III scored 12 rebounds.

Marcus Smart, who scored 18 points, hit 3-pointers to give the Celtics a 94-90 lead with just over five minutes left. But they missed six straight shots and didn’t score again until the 1:18 mark, after Curry made a float and a triple pointer to give the Warriors a 100-94 lead.

“He didn’t let us lose. That’s all it boils down to,” said senior man of the Warriors Draymond Green. “I can tell in his behaviour, in the last two days, even after the third match, he’s going to come out with that kind of fire.”

Curry was more incarnate than usual, raising his arms after failing to receive a foul call, interacting with the fully-sold TD Garden crowd and bowing to celebrate the Warriors’ Big Basket. Rather than return home to the brink of elimination, the Warriors came close to claiming a fourth NBA title in eight years on home soil.

“I felt like we just had to let everyone know we were here tonight,” said Carey. “Whether it’s their audience, or their team, or our team, or whoever wants to see that energy and that fire, we feed on that.”

Fans arriving at TD Garden for what would have been the last time this season found a T-shirt draped over their seats with 17 NBA banners lined up front. There was an empty rectangle where the eighteenth would go.

Now the Celtics will need to win at least one more time in San Francisco to fill the void.

The intense crowd spent much of the match booing Green, chanting an obscene tone that is usually reserved for Bucky Dent, and making fun of his many mistakes. He shot 1 of 7 but ended up with nine rebounds and eight assists to score two points.

Green also had an offensive rebound and, according to Curry, came back into the game at the last minute to eliminate any chance of a Boston comeback.

“He’s the ultimate contender. This is a tough streak for him to score because of Boston’s size and his sporting life, but he still affects the game on a massive level,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

injury report

Curry’s foot was a problem coming into the night after Boston’s Al Horford landed on it late in the third game. But he didn’t seem to bother on Friday night: He played 41 minutes — only Wiggins had more time on the field for the Warriors — and took 14 of 26 shots, including 7 of 14 from a 3-point range.

“It never seemed to be a factor,” Kerr said. “The physical there is very exciting. Boston has the best defense in the league – huge and strong in every position and Steve has to take that kind of pressure throughout the game and still be able to defend… I think this is the strongest physical player ever. in his career…”

Williams was listed as questionable as he entered the game due to a knee injury that kept him through the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs. He started strong, with 10 rebounds in the first half, but was limping in the second half and off the bench in the final minutes.

He finished with seven points to go with four assists and two blocking shots, playing 31 minutes.

the third time

The Warriors won the third quarter for the fourth game in a row, but not as decisively as it once was.

Golden State had a 30-24 advantage knocked out in the first half, closing in with a 14-7 lead to wipe out Boston’s six-point lead. Curry scored 14 points in the quarter, making four three-pointers.

The Warriors outperformed the Celtics with an aggregate score of 136-87 in the third quarter of the Finals.

This time the fourth quarter was decisive, with the Warriors scoring 17 of the game’s last 20 points.


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