How would Tallinn Horton Tucker fit into the Darvin Hamm era for the Lakers?

The takeaway from new head coach Darvin Hamm on Monday was his unmissable leadership in the room—particularly illustrated by his explanation of how shooting him in the face made him fearless—and his commitment to the Lakers’ currently listed “big 3” team. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

Despite maintaining an outward optimism in the abilities of the three highest-paid players on the team, self-proclaimed Darvin Hamm-Era began with a promise to hold every man on the roster accountable for giving his best, night and night. , regardless of prestige. In particular, he challenged Russell Westbrook to be a “Bulldog” in defense, and stated that Anthony Davis would be “the key” to their dramatic transformation next season at that end of the floor.

He even went out of his way to pay tribute to two (most likely) returning Lakers, Stanley Johnson and Austin Reeves – both of whom were among the The four players present For piston ham primer.

But even counting the stars and their supporting cast, one name in particular has emerged as notably absent: Tallinn Horton Tucker.

In his third professional season, Horton-Tucker failed to make an impact commensurate with his status as the fourth highest-paid player on the list. With an average of just 10.0 points per game at 42/27/80, THT was unable to make a significantly positive contribution to the 3D role it was assigned to start the season, due to the high-res roster building around it.

As proven by his outstanding early and late season performances as a ball innovator, Horton Tucker once again demonstrated that he was the best as a key goalkeeper, applying pressure on the slopes to open up the defense, opening up scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. If Russell Westbrook does return to the Lakers next season, Horton Tucker’s opportunities to motivate the team’s offensive groups will likely be limited to lost time again. Currently, his daring jumper has hampered his offensive production whenever he’s without basketball, leaving him almost unplayable alongside both Russell Westbrook and LeBron James.

To be fair with the 21-year-old, a little will go a long way in this department, as no one is asking him to turn into Stephen Curry — or even Jordan Paul, for that matter. He just needs to be able to push through defenses as opposed to leaving it wide open in order to trigger lockouts and maintain a defence. However, until he can correct his strokes, or at least add something from the playoff to his arsenal, having him on the field next to the Big 3 will be a burden to sight, and to the team’s cover sheet, a burden.

Working in his favour, however, are the improvements he’s made on the defensive side of the ball. Having publicly positioned himself as a coach who believes winning basketball starts with defense, Hamm would surely appreciate some of Horton Tucker’s ability to wreak havoc on that end. With a wingspan of over seven feet, THT often surprises opponents by picking pockets and passing lanes more easily than they would expect from a generously listed guard at 6’4. BBall gave him an A- in both his Pickpocket rating and his steals per 75 possessions, representing his ability to be a troublesome defender at times.

He even became more consistent with his rotation as the season went on – something he was bad at in his first two seasons – and by the end of last season he often managed to position himself as a low assist man at rim collisions to prevent easy baskets.

If he wants to earn minutes under important referee, his ability to shoot the basketball from distance remains of paramount importance, but continuing to develop flashes of being an effective defender is probably a close second.

With the Lakers having more than $10 million next season with an option of $11 million for the following season, the Lakers will need to produce for the time being from that financial outlay if they hope to win a title during LeBron’s dwindling post-race period of competition. While promising youngsters often start to realize their true potential in seasons around the age of 22, similar to the aforementioned Poole or Anfernee Simons, the person that THT is currently on the move, there is a chance they may end up with a choice and/or Another contract for a more established and lucrative player to fit in with LeBron, Anthony Davis and (probably) Russell Westbrook.

As Tallinn Horton Tucker Truth, I still think he could turn out to be an influential player in the NBA, but he probably needs a little more spice before he can get there. If the Lakers prop themselves in a place where they don’t want to wait for him to arrive, by pushing him above market value before his start-up deal expires, they may end up choosing to cut ties before he reaches near-stardom. However, his player choice, relatively large salary, and impending unrestricted free agency limit his commercial value as a possibility as he is likely to leave for his preferred destination if he ends up showing up anyway. Its trading could be considered a must, but it is another example of meager asset management from such a front desk.

While much of what Hamm said in his cap is in keeping with THT’s own skill set, the desire to win games early and often as a novice coach can bring Horton Tucker down to the minutes. However, Darvin’s record is significant with Mention the passion for player development (even if THT doesn’t mention it by name) – along with retaining acclaimed skills expert Phil Handy – suggests the organization is still committed to betting on its youth, so perhaps Ham is the leader Horton-Tucker needs to make step back.

And this time, finally stay there.

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