It has been reported that Justin Fields is getting the training treatment for Peyton Manning

Tom Moore is best known as one of the greatest quarterback coaches in NFL history. He is best remembered for overseeing Peyton Manning’s rise as one of the two or three best signal callers of all time. Part of that success came from how Moore handled his practices as an offensive coordinator. One thing that stopped almost immediately was how Manning got nearly every rep in his pass drill. When asked why he didn’t provide more for backups, the guy dropped a quote that went on to football folklore. “Guys, if ’18’ drops, we fuck. And we don’t have sex.” Rude but skillful, as she had always heard. The Chicago Bears seem to be taking the same approach as Justin Fields.

Fans and the media alike were driven crazy by coach Matt Nagy’s handling of the midfielders last year. It was no more terrible than in the training camp, where Andy Dalton worked exclusively with the attack of the first team. Fields worked with the second and the third voles. Given the number of delegates players get each day, I felt this was misleading in many ways. By distributing them like this, he risked ensuring that none of his quarterbacks were ready for the season. Given how badly Dalton and Fields looked as beginners, these concerns proved accurate.

Attack coordinator Luke Getsy has no intention of making the same mistake. According to Bears insider Adam Hogg and Adam Gans in their podcast, Fields has gotten nearly every rep in practice since she began rehearsals in May.

Justin Fields gets every chance to master the new attack.

Getsy knows that the wide area system is hard to learn. While the coaching staff is full of guys who understand how to teach it, the truth is that it may take some time before players begin to understand how it’s supposed to work. If the Bears want Fields to play well this year, they won’t be able to waste any opportunity in helping him catch it. If that means giving it every rep in practice at the expense of backups, so be it.

It’s not like Trevor Simian desperately needs them. He’s already familiar with the system, having played in it for two years with the Denver Broncos in 2015 and 2016. Third-placed Nathan Peterman will likely not be on the list when the season begins. So Getsy knew exactly what he was doing when the practices started. All that matters is getting Justin Fields ready for the season because it may be their only hope of making noise in 2022, given where the roster is.

It is hard to blame them for such an approach.

If it’s good enough for Manning, it’s good enough for Fields. One can safely assume that the young player likes this approach. It finally gives him a sense of command and control over crime. He can build alchemy with his receivers and narrow limbs. Miscommunication will not be frequent. The timing will improve. Fields will be much better prepared. Injuries are an inevitable danger in the NFL. Chicago is willing to lose the backup representatives if that gives him better chances of excelling.

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