Jason Pierre Paul visits the crows and ‘goes well’

How was the unit running back in the crows and receiving legion fare in the PFF spot rankings?

Given the Ravens’ sprint-oriented attack, it’s no surprise that the team’s running unit and receiving teams are relegated to the Pro Football Focus spot ranking.

The jog came in at 10th, while the receivers (which include narrow ends) ranked 29th.

PFF’s Ben Linsey wrote: “The Ravens’ entire roster was hit hard by injuries in 2021, and their backyard was one of the hardest hit units.” They don’t have an elite at the top of the depth chart, but the return of JK Dobbins and Joss Edwards from injury along with the additions of Mike Davis and Tyler Buddy give the Ravens one of the deeper groups in the NFL that will take advantage of the interest that Lamar Jackson is drawing in Running game. Baltimore is the only team in the NFL to have averaged more than 2.0 running yards before calling on each attempt (2.2) over the past three seasons.”

Linsey noted that if defenders were taken into account, the Ravens would receive a slight bump in the rankings due to the contributions of Patrick Rijkaard.

Regarding the Legion of Future Ravens, Linsey wrote: “The most important thing to keep the Ravens from falling is Mark Andrews – the second most expensive tight end in 2021, according to PFF WAR. The Marquis Brown trade puts a lot on the shoulders of unproven options, including Devin Duvernay and Tylan Wallace and James Proche, even if Baltimore often uses heavy personnel.

“Rushod Bateman stands out as the obvious No. 1 on the wide receiver after scoring a 64.9 PFF on just over 600 shots as a rookie. He missed the first part of the junior season through injury and wasn’t healthy for Lamar Jackson at quarterback for much of the season after He’s back in the squad. He’s a potential sophomore candidate, and the Ravens need him to make that happen.”

The North AFC teams topped the two standings, with the Cleveland Browns taking the top spot in the back team ranks, while the Cincinnati Bengals ranked first in the standings.

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