Kerr was actually right about the play that made him wake up

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Steve Kerr argues with referee Ken Fitzgerald during Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals at TD Garden on June 10, 2022, in Boston.

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Heading into their Boston season, the Golden State Warriors were extraordinarily excited for Game Four in Boston on Friday. Steve Curry was berating Celtics fans in the first quarter, and Steve Kerr was so angry about the call that he got technique in a game that was still close in the second.

“The ball doesn’t lie” is one of the most used cliches in the sport, but Jason Tatum missed the technical free throw, and replays showed Kerr was right to be upset. Celtic goalkeeper Payton Pritchard seemed to travel with multiple definitions of the word.

Instead, a shot was called foul on Golden State’s Jordan Paul – so the Celtics’ turnover value turned into foul, technical, possession and two free throws for Boston.

Kerr’s anger levels were nuclear, like called out to settle down After Pritchard’s free throws. Among many other things, he seemed to tell the officials that the call was either “horses” or “horses,” depending on how good the lip-reading was.

Kerr can be annoying, but to him when he picks up an unstrategic T early in the Finals match, it means he legitimately lost it. And for good reason. Pritchard took four steps, eliminating any definition of “pool” or “axis”. At least the Blow Call Technique sequence was minimally detrimental to the warriors, as Pritchard and Tatum combined to make only one of the three throws they got.

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