LIV Golf LIVE: Leaderboard, TV and broadcast info and results for the third day of the Centurion Club after Bryson DeChambeau joined the Rebel tour

Leaf’s Tour of Golf Changes the Sports Scene

Day 3 of the inaugural Saudi-backed LIV Golf event has arrived, where the first winner of the Rebel Tour will be crowned. Former Masters champion Charles Schwarzl grabbed the lead on his straight home run, ahead of fellow Stinger compatriot and fellow Stinger Henny de Plessis. Dustin Johnson’s charge fell a bit short, but the former world number one is still in contention, with the winner taking home $4 million.

The last day of play comes as more players are expected to jump from the PGA Tour. On Friday, Bryson DeChambeau was announced as the latest star to join the breakaway series and this followed confirmation from the PGA Tour that Rebel players participating in this event or any future LIV Golf event were immediately suspended.

The stunning news entrenched both sides in a battle that threatens to change the sport as we know it and has been welcomed by players like Rory McIlroy, who has remained committed to the PGA. It came when Ian Poulter, one of the 17 golfers approved by the PGA Tour, stated his intention to appeal the suspension. “It doesn’t make sense,” Poulter said. I have not resigned from my membership because I do not feel that I have done anything wrong. I have played all over the world for 25 years. This is no different… It’s a power struggle and it’s only disappointing.” Catch up on all the action from the final day of the controversial tour’s opening event, below:


Delaney: Will football ever have its own Leaf golf? It’s already here

Due to the number of footballers still obsessed with golf, many people were naturally emailing friends on the tour about the LIV controversy. The responses were as varied as might be expected. Some are horrified by the destruction of the majestic golf establishments, and some think it is only fair to take the money. Nawah from game officials fears something similar to football again, and others are sensing more opportunities.

Many describe it as “golf European Premier League moment”, which is why the threat of this project remains relevant. Its next steps will determine the future of the game, and decide if anything worse – such as LIV football – is possible in football.

a piece of The Independent Soccer head coach Miguel Delaney said:

Jimmy BraidwoodJun 11 2022 13:05


What is the prize fund?

Each regular season event will have a prize money of $25 million – every player on the field receives a discount, with a guarantee of $4 million for first place and $120,000 for last place. Of the $25 million, $5 million will be split between the top three teams.

The top three players in the overall singles tournament will receive a split of $30 million, with the overall champion receiving $18 million, runner-up receiving $8 million and third place receiving $4 million.

The prize money for the season-ending tag team championship is $50 million, with the winning team splitting $16 million and the team that finished last receiving $1 million. Each player gets 25 percent of the pieces.

For comparison, the winner of the PGA Championship, one of the four major golf teams, gets $3 million out of a total prize money of $15 million.

Jimmy BraidwoodJun 11 2022 12:55


How will the season work?

The LIV Golf London event at the Centurion Club is the first of seven ‘regular season’ events to take place in its inaugural year, with this year’s season-ending team tournament concluding as the final event of the season.

The team tournament will see all 12 teams ranked, a four-day knockout cycle will be held using match scoring to determine the winner, and the tournament match will take place on the last day.

An individual champion will also be crowned using the points accumulated during the seven “regular season” events.

  • Live Golf London, Centurion Club – 9-11 June
  • Live Golf Portland, Pumpkin Ridge – June 30 – July 2
  • LIV Golf Bedminster, Trump National – July 29-31
  • Live Golf Boston, Greater Boston – September 2-4
  • Live Golf Chicago, Rich Harvest Farms – September 16-18
  • Life Golf Bangkok, Stonehill – 7-9 October
  • Leaf Golf Jeddah, Royal Greens – 14-16 October
  • Live Golf Miami, Trump National Doral – October 27-30

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When does it start and is it on TV?

Round three and final kicks off with a shotgun at 2:15 p.m. Saturday, June 11.

LIV Golf has not been picked up by a major UK broadcaster.

However, the event will be streamed live for free on LIV Golf’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Jimmy BraidwoodJun 11 2022 12:35


What are the rules?

LIV Golf Series events will take place over three days and 54 holes, rather than the traditional four-day events with 72 holes. There will be no reduction either, so the 48 players who start the week will play all three rounds.

There will also be individual and team competitions in the same event. In the individual competition, the player who scores the lowest score on 54 holes will win, as usual.

However, the team competition will consist of 12 teams of four players, with the team captains selecting teams using the Draft Snake before the Centurion Club’s inaugural event. Teams will also have their own unique names and logos.

In terms of scoring, the two individual best scores in the team’s total during the opening two rounds will be counted, with the three best points combined in the third and final round. The team with the lowest total points at the end of the third round will be the winner.

Jimmy BraidwoodJun 11 2022 12:25


What is Leaf Golf?

Reports of a new breakaway league first surfaced in 2019, but increased in the past year as two-time World Open champion Greg Norman became the face of Saudi-backed LIV golf series as its CEO.

With the Saudi Public Investment Fund financing the series, there is a clear link to the Saudi government, whose human rights record has been criticized by groups such as Amnesty International.

But what was long seen as a compromising threat to the traditional PGA Tours and DP World is no longer shaping up to be anything like the LIV Golf Series, which also features new competition rules and what tournament organizers say is an “exciting” new format.

Jimmy BraidwoodJun 11 2022 12:15


LIVE GOLF: Bryson Deschamps becomes the latest player to join the tour

The former US Open champion and eight-time PGA Tour winner joins the likes of Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson in the switch to the Saudi-backed dissident series.

The PGA Tour confirmed Thursday that all players currently playing in the opening event in St Albans this week and anyone playing in future events will be suspended indefinitely.

“Bryson DeChambeau is an exciting addition to LIV Golf’s supercharged playing style. He is passionate about the sport, innovative in his approach and committed to pushing boundaries in the pursuit of excellence,” said Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf upon the announcement.

Jimmy BraidwoodJun 11 2022 12:05

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