opinion | DC is better off without the NFL – especially if it comes with Daniel Snyder

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Developed by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DD.C) District legislative basis for a 190-acre, federally owned RFK campus on the city’s northeastern riverfront. This is great news because the city can benefit from the land. But the worst option would be any deal that allowed Daniel Snyder to build a resplendent new stadium so that his leaders in Washington could return to the city.

By all accounts, the area has developed well since Snyder’s National Football League team fled to FedEx Field in Landover in 1997. The last thing DC needs is a professional sports franchise heavily laden with off-field failure. This is sure to come as long as Snyder remains in the picture.

The “No Entry” sign was posted this week in a letter sent to Norton by a majority of DC board members. We all hope that Washington’s leaders can address the many failures of its off-field ownership — in particular, its failure to provide a safe working environment for women — and, second, it can return to its former glory on the field,” he wrote. Councilman Charles Allen (D-Ward 6) and six other city lawmakers. They added, “One of the last large, undeveloped plots of land in the area should be used for the benefit of the residents of the area.”

Suffice it to say, the county’s interests may be incompatible with those of Snyder. The last time talks turned to the construction of a new stadium on the existing RFK site in 2018, the owner mapped out a vision of a state-of-the-art moat-style stadium in a sprawling entertainment and commercial district on the banks of the Anacostia River – much of it under his control.

Oh, yes, and the city – although it wasn’t expected to spend a single cent on building the stadium – had to spend tens of millions of dollars to pay for infrastructure development. which was then.

Post opinion: What are you doing at RFK Stadium? First, the DC must take control.

Some city leaders say there are better uses for the property: parks, recreation, affordable housing, and business opportunities — with residents fully consulted about plans.

Twitter Allen: “Putting the ultimate tax money to a billionaire team with an ugly history of racism and misogyny does not benefit the residents of the area.”

However, the majority of the board will not necessarily have The last word. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (Democracy) that she wishes to bring the leaders back to the territory of Washington. But she is a realistic politician and can count votes too. With Snyder in the pack, the leaders will still be out looking inward.

For that, Snyder can thank himself.

His property record, as I’ve written before, is a story about how he ran into a successful franchise, while making like thieves along the way.

From team management, coaching staff and player selection, to the contemptuous treatment of women (among other allegations, fans said they were used as escorts on a trip where stadium suite owners and sponsors were invited to watch them topless during a requisite photoshoot), Snyder is the number one contender for the worst team title. athlete in the world.

And the team’s 2020 acquisition of defensive coordinator Jacques Del Rio in Washington doesn’t look too hot.

Twitter Del Rio in response to a report on the January 6 sessions: “I would like to understand the ‘full story’ about why a summer of rioting, looting, arson and destruction of personal property is never discussed but this???”

Del Rio told reporters, “Why don’t we look at these things if we’re going to talk about them? Why don’t we look at these things? Because it’s hard for me to say — I can look at them realistically, I see pictures on TV, people’s livelihoods destroyed, businesses Commercials are burning. No problem. And then we have dust in the Capitol. Nothing is burnt, and we won’t talk about it—we’ll make that a big deal.”

it is difficult to Understand how an attack on the US Capitol with the aim of destroying our democracy, which left dead and wounded in its wake, can be turned into a “flick.” Or that the protests in response to police shootings of black Americans could in any way be compared to a violent uprising.

But that’s how Washington’s leaders’ defense coordinator sees it, though he has now said some of his words were “irresponsible and careless.” Snyder has said one word.

It’s all just reason to boycott to say definitively: “Yes to RFK; no to Daniel Snyder.”

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