Orioles owner’s son sues the family for control of the team, reveals plans to sell

The fate of the Baltimore Orioles’ ownership is heading to court.

Louis Angelos—the son of owner Peter Angelos, who has struggled with serious health problems in recent years—is suing his brother, John, and his mother, Georgia, for court documents he obtained the athlete Friday show. In the complaint, Lewis accuses John of taking control of the team against their father’s wish as his health deteriorates. The lawsuit was first reported by The Baltimore Banner.

Lewis asserts that John did so by manipulating their mother, now 80, as he sought complete control.

“He was able to prey on her understandable fears about the business that her husband had worked his life to build. He also exploited her fear of abandonment, bursting into fits of anger and threatening to leave and out of the state if he didn’t get his right way,” the lawsuit reads. “John hid and distorted the facts, feeding his mother a constant diet of half-truths and quirks. He acted unilaterally and only told Mrs. Angelos of his one-sided actions after the fact. His brother, Lou, and his exclusion from business affairs in the Orioles.”

According to the lawsuit, Georgia decided it was in the trust’s best interest to sell the team, and that John “misled her into believing he was working towards that goal” but in fact “did everything in his power to stop and, in the end, thwart plans to sell the club”. This allegedly includes torpedoing “the interest expressed by a very reliable group of buyers”.

The lawsuit also says that John can move the team.

“John intends to maintain absolute control of the Oriole — to manage, sell or, if he chooses, move to Tennessee (where he has a home and his wife’s place of business) — without having to answer anyone,” the complaint reads.

After Peter Angelos suffered a serious heart problem in 2017 and later became disabled, he established a trust and appointed Georgia, John and Lewis as associate trustees. But the lawsuit says John, who allegedly didn’t make the team until his father’s health changed, began taking over in 2018.

“John used the tools of power at his disposal to force Lou into submission. He withheld information owed to Lou as trustee and as a benefactor. In an early attempt to win Lou’s cooperation, he threatened his inheritance. When that failed, the lawsuit stated that he had cajoled Mrs. Angelos by threatening the “nuclear option”, i.e. Denial of inheritance, if Luo does not acquiesce to John’s plans.”

“If Mr. Angelos could speak of this situation, he would vehemently reject any effort of an adult child who would suppose to be beyond his will. Mr. Angelos’ impotence requires this Court to act where he cannot.”

In 2020, according to the lawsuit, John’s attorney transferred tens of millions of dollars worth of assets from Peter Angelos to an LLC controlled by John, without Lewis’ knowledge. Lewis seeks a trial to recover assets from the LLC and files an injunction to remove John and Georgia Angelos as co-trustees.

John and Louis Angelos did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Friday athlete.

Peter, now 92, bought the team for $173 million in 1993, then at a record price for any sports team. Forbes valued the Orioles at $1.375 billion in March – it was the only Major League Soccer club to drop in value last year.

(Photo: Rick Osintosky/USA Today)

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