Rays at Twins Series Preview: The Return of Shane Buzz

The Tampa Bay Rays capped the St. Louis Cardinals’ consecutive sweepstakes with a dominant share and a hit in time. The Rays continue to perform strongly in the first third of the season with a win rate of 97.

The New York Yankees continue their blazing start to the season and lead 7.0 games over the Rays, 7.5 games over the Toronto Blue Jays, 11.5 games over the Boston Red Sox, 17.5 games over the Baltimore Orioles.

As of this morning, AL East still maintains its three Wild Card berths.

a program

Friday 8:10 p.m.: Drew Rasmussen vs. Devin Smeltzer (AppleTV+)
Saturday 2:10 pm: Shane Buzz vs. Fuck
Sunday 2:10 pm: Jeffrey Springs vs Cole Sands game

Devin Smeltzer got off to a great start with the 1.93 ERA, but the 3.79 FIP and 4.65 xFIP indicate he was more solid than awesome. His 12.5% ​​gait rate is very low, but his 5.8% gait rate is very good. Smeltzer has your typical crafty left-handed stuff. He throws a speedball at 89.9 mph in four stitches, change of 82.3 mph, and curve ball of 75.8 mph as his three base pitches. He will occasionally throw a slider at 85.6 mph.

Shane Baz is set to make his season debut with the Rays after having surgery to remove loose bodies from his elbow at the end of spring training. The Minnesota Twins haven’t announced who will start opposite the Buzz.

In Game Three, Rice will face Cole Sands, who attended Florida State University. His first rounds of 11.2 in the Major League weren’t great as he put in an 8.49 ERA/6.92 FIP/4.79 xFIP, but a solid 22.4% strike rate. Where he does get in trouble is his 10.3% gait rate, but four housekeepers on airborne balls didn’t help them. Sands threw a fastball at 92.0 mph in four stitches as his home field. The secondary pitch of his choice is a 78.5 mph curve ball which he will throw in any situation. He’ll add an 85.5-mph change, but he frequently throws it to left-handed hitters.

Cole Sands
Brad Rimple USA Today Sports

The twins started beating.

As a team, the twins reach .251/.324/.410 and put on 114 wRC+. They would draw and walk, but when they put the ball into play they did a lot of damage. They didn’t seem willing to run on the rules, but Byron Buxton is one of the fastest players in the league. His knee injury early in the season caused the twins to give him periodic rest and prevented him from accumulating stolen bases.

The Twins had positive offensive production from most of their lineup, and Buxton built their breakout with the .231/.315/.563 line and 149 wRC+. He leads the team with 15 eyebrows of the house.

Luis Araz (161 wRC+) was a superb hitter for the season streak-like touchdown Yandy Diaz. Walks a lot with a very low strike rate and ISO.

The twins made a big signing with Carlos Correa last winter. Out of lost time due to injury, he did everything he could hope for with a .286/.356/.429 and 130 wRC+ streak.

Trevor Larnach (129 wRC+), Max Kepler (123 wRC+), Gio Orcella (114 wRC+), Jorge Polanco (110 wRC+) and Gary Sanchez (100 wRC+) provided plenty of support. It is a respectable crime.

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