“The only person who can really help me” – Michael Phelps is forever indebted to the NFL champion for saving him during his worst

Of all the relationships one has in life, friendship is something that makes it a little easier. Perhaps that is why our beloved friends hold a very special place in our hearts. They are like the family we weren’t born with, they are the family we chose for ourselves. For swimming legend Michael Phelps, that friend he can always count on is NFL star Ray Lewis.

When you hear the name Michael Phelps, all that comes to mind are 23 Olympic gold medals, 39 world records, and the best swimmer ever. However, these heights aren’t the only thing that defines the swimming legend. He’s had his share of bad days, too. Although in those dark days, he had some important people in life who brought him home when all seemed lost.


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Michael Phelps remembers his timeless relationship with Ray Lewis

We often look for people who match our frequency. So for Phelps, the only way to do that was to find a champion like him and, thankfully, find Louis Ray. The NFL star helped his hero friend when he was at his lowest. Phelps said of Ray’s role in his life, “He’s been through everything – the ups and downs – and he has literally helped me get through a lot of things I’ve been through in my life that have been difficult, and he has been there for me.”

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In 2012, Phelps was going through the darkest days of his career. That’s when I turned to Ray for advice. He said, “He’s probably the only person who can really help me do that.”

They both faced a breakdown in their careers


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The reason Phelps turned to Ray for advice was because he was someone who had a similar life experience. Back in the year 2000, the Super Bowl champion fought a controversy that proved to be the biggest disgrace of his amazing career. However, leaving it all behind, Ray emerged as the hero he has been throughout his career.


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Perhaps it was a wise decision by Phelps to turn to Ray when he needed his life advice. And as expected, Ray seems to have all the answers he’s been looking for.

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