The Rockets don’t want to replace John Wall Postbrook unless the Lakers include the venture capital

On the long-running notion that Westbrook could once again be replaced by Houston’s John Wall, both of whom would earn nearly identical salaries of $47 million next season, a source familiar with the situation told me this week that Houston’s interest in the Lakers has always been what Including a compensation bill to smooth out the deal, which Los Angeles vehemently refuses to do.
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David Hardesty @clutchfans

John Wall in Boston for Game 3. PM

quinton mayo @RealQuintonMayo

Houston Rockets guard John Wall attends Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. – 8:37 pm

Chase Hughes @Chase Hughes NBCS

John Wall is among the celebrities tonight at the NBA Finals Game 3 in Boston, according to the NBA and in one of the most random sequences of names ever written: Bill Belichick, John Wall, Guy Fieri. PM

Gary Washburn @Guachburn

Nia Long, Michael Bivens, Jon Wall are among the celebrities who will be in attendance tonight at TD Garden. # Celtics #the Warriors #NBAF Finals 20228:22 pm

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