The truth about Greg Roman

According to Willie Snead

Tyler Dunn from the podcast, go long, recently met former Ravens WR Willie Snead. Snead, who has always been a tough, tough, and dependable teammate while in Baltimore, shared some interesting things about the Ravens’ offensive, specifically offensive coordinator Greg Roman and how his scheming in the passing game leaves a lot to be desired.

We’ve all heard similar things before from the likes of another former Ravens future, Steve Smith, father and objective mind of Hall-of-Fame QB captain Kurt Warner. However, Snead did not pay off with bitterness. He presents his ideas fairly through the lens of an NFL receiver. Presents the truth of the crime of crows.

Here are some highlights from the interview…

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On the differences between Ravens’ crime and Saints’ crime…

“[When the Ravens] They made the transition from Joe to Lamar, which is when they started really inclined to run and Lamar’s ability to run. I still finished that year leading the team in moments, but the next two years it was like 70 percent of the runs and 30 percent of the success. It wasn’t a slots crime.”

On the concepts of the road in Roman crime…

“When we compare Greg Roman to Sean Payton’s offense or Greg Roman to John Gruden’s offense it’s like day and night. There’s a lot more creativity in the passing game. If the Ravens had more creativity in the passing game and focused more on it during the season, I think more recipients would. They will be open to come.

“Because Lamar is a great player to play with. He’s all about the team. He’s fun. He brings energy every day. You want to play with your quarterback like that. But the system pushes the guys away. That’s why the crows always craft two receivers every year. They keep them young. They’ve kept them locked up in the decades but for an older veteran man to come he might get a one shot to do it. I don’t know if the crows would be that one shot for them unless you’re a tight end or a big-bodied receiver who can win those balls by 50/50”.

The Hollywood Brown Wants To Get Out Of Baltimore…

“He had to do better for him. I don’t blame him. He has been frustrated the last two seasons. He has a contract coming up and he wants to put himself in the best position to make money.”

What does Sean Payton’s crime look like vs Roman’s crime

Lots of movement, shifting, and trying to create matches. Get those one-on-one matches in the space. I know Shaun wasn’t great at playing in the running game, but he’d get to that empty set and go five points ahead and start throwing different kinds of concepts at you that make Defenses start hitting, and here comes a wide open slot across the middle.This is a definite game plan.

“Greg Roman is more difficult. He has the wrong direction. He has theatrical action. He has the power game. He would be coordinating the running game in someone’s attack, but I just think the scrolling game needs a little more juice.”

On the play in Baltimore and its effect on receivers…

“The tight ends get more creativity than the receivers. I don’t want to say gameplay per se, but when you play against certain defenses, you know what things will work and what won’t. So every week should be a new game plan.” Exactly for that specific team. Now, if you’re just copy-and-pasting from week to week, like you see in the NFL, these defensive coordinators are great. So if they see something once or they’ve seen it twice, it gets locked out and you probably won’t be able to get it in That time. You have to be able to change players and have different moves to make it feel like one thing and it’s completely different. These types of coaches take it to the next level, like Sean McVeigh and Matt LaFleur. These guys put guys in their positions they’ll shift and get players to identify That match and then exploit it. These are the crimes I would like to be in knowing that Hollywood is in that place right now where you can showcase all your talent, all your passing game. It’s not just a running game.”

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Props to Tyler Dunn for a comprehensive interview. You can listen to the podcast or read the full article at the links below:

My biggest conclusions from this and the things I will pay special attention to moving forward:

• James Brusch is an untapped talent in the crows. It is also a typical slot receiver. It will be interesting to see how Roman hired him and whether Snead’s negative view of the slot receivers in the Ravens offense plays out the same way for Proche.

• The truth about the Ravens’ crime and its previous recipients, is out there. undeniable. Other recipients and their agents know all too well. Speaking, it makes it difficult for GM Eric DeCosta to bring in free dealer receivers, particularly those looking to land a niche for the future, enabling the passers to shine and put forth numbers that will be favorably displayed when negotiating their next contract. This may be the reason why TY Hilton and Juju Smith-Schuster reject the Ravens in 2021. And that may be why no other veteran receiver is on the 2022 roster yet. EDC may have to pay more to attract a receiver than a more pass-oriented team, and to do that, in the Ravens scheme, it doesn’t make sense while trying to get the most ROI on the dollars spent.

• Snead’s ideas about crows being a good place to land on tight ends are intriguing. This may help explain why they regularly dip into the draft twice during the same draft to define tight ends.

• Top coordinators create blueprints that best fit the skill sets of players on the list. For now, this means that Roman must be geared toward running. Given the relative importance of receivers in his scheme, EDC is smart in bringing in college talent to play the role of receiver and make the most of it during their junior contracts. It is the best game when you consider the effects of the cap.

The Ravens hope to return to the level of excellence they had in 2019 when Lamar was the league’s unanimous MVP. And if they do, the expectation is that the offense this time around is able to finish the job and not stain the bed in the post-season. A time during which Roman’s attacking style faded.

A time when crows did not show the ability togo long“.

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