Warriors fans demolish Boston bar mocking Ayesha Curry

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Aisha Curry smiles at her husband Steph Curry, after the Golden State Warriors’ victory at the Oracle Arena on May 16, 2019, in Oakland, California.

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Of all the venues, a Boston pub 2.5 miles from TD Garden captured all the heat from the Golden State Warriors fan base after a string win in a very hostile Boston.

The game has begun! In Fenway Park, which describes itself as “the one-of-a-kind sports bar in Boston, stocked with table tennis, a corn pit and a batting cage in Fenway Park,” “Aisha Curry Can’t Cook” scrawled on a sandwich board sign outside the bar, spotted by Dalton Johnson From NBC Sports Bay Area midday Friday.

Johnson’s tweet went viral in the middle of the day, but Ayesha was trending after the match as fan after fan tweeted some variation on “Aisha Curry can’t cook…but Steve can.”

Steve Curry had a 43-point electric win on the road in Game 4 that descended into the wire and saw Curry begin to show emotion early in the first quarter. He finished 14-for-26 from the field and 7-for-14 from three, plus he somehow found time to knock down 10 boards and make four passes in Dubs’ 107-97 win.

This isn’t the first time Curry has brought a conceited fan base back down to earth in this postseason. In the opening series in Golden State with the Nuggets, a fan can be seen crying and rubbing his eyes in Carrie’s direction after the Dubs star appeared upset about not receiving a foul call.

Boston fans, of course, upped the ante by joking about Carrie’s wife, as well as his eldest daughter – the back of Game On! The sign read, “Duece Tatum > Riley Curry.” And yes, the tape misspelled Ibn Tatum’s name.

The NBA Finals now return to San Francisco as the Warriors host the Celtics at Chase Center on Monday. Tip is set again at 6pm

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