Will major golf tournaments ban LIV players? Here’s what we know

Penalties apply: Participants in LIV Golf have been suspended from the PGA Tour and are no longer eligible to participate in tournaments. However, many confirmed that they will continue to play in the four disciplines – which are not managed by the PGA Tour – as long as they are allowed to do so.

So far, the US Open is the only tournament where players know they can still participate, at least for now. But the Grand Slams are a huge story, because while LIV dollars will inevitably attract a certain number of players, excluding them from the world’s four biggest – quite literally, tournaments where legacies are built – may be a very high price to pay for many Players, certainly the best in the world.

Here’s what we know so far about LIV players’ placement for specializations:

US Open

The USGA confirmed this week that LIV players are eligible for the US Open. The statement was sure not to endorse the rogue tour, but said that, based on their entry criteria, qualifiers would be allowed to play for the time being.

Open Championship

It’s a safe bet that R&A will follow the lead of the USGA and allow eligible players to participate, while denouncing Operation LIV, but nothing official yet.

PGA Championship

US PGA regulations state that entries must be part of a recognized tour. As of now, it is understood that LIV probably does not fit the bill, and therefore, those overseas players with the PGA Tour are not members of a recognized Tour, and therefore ineligible for the PGA Tour.


That’s the big, big question, and there’s some grumbling out there that word from Augusta National Golf Club could come sooner rather than later regarding LIV Masters players’ status. This is seen as one of the last lines of defense for the PGA Tour’s counter-attack.

This information will be updated as we learn more.

(Top photo: Michael Madrid/USA Today)


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