Wyndham Clark leads the Canadian Open for the PGA Tour, with Rory McIlroy, and others in hot pursuit

TORONTO – Wyndham Clark finished off with an unexpected bonus on Friday to take a one-handed advantage over defending champion Rory McIlroy and four other players over the weekend at the RBC Canadian Open.

After falling at #15 and 16 in stormy conditions on St. George, Clark rose up and down from about 50 feet from a nearly dead-end lie on a slope in a green bunker on 4th floor 18. He was 7 years younger than he was 70 even.

“I really had no chance,” Clark said. “And I would say I was just trying to do what I did, but I was just trying to kick a little bit to the right, and somehow when the ball went in, it fell to the left and landed in the 4ft drop. It was definitely the best save I’ve had this year. It was so amazing. .”

McIlroy (68) was tied with Matt Fitzpatrick (70), Alex Smalley (67), Keith Mitchell (67) and Jim Knoss (67). McIlroy had to wait three years to defend his 2019 title due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has canceled golf’s fourth oldest tournament in the past two years.

“Challenge,” McIlroy said. “I think the only thing a golf course needs to feel a little bigger is just a little bit of length. I think that’s the only thing that’s missing. The coars are so tough, the greens are tough, the greens are windy, it dries up a little bit by the wind. Suddenly you have a tested golf course.” nicely “.

Close Fitzpatrick Double Ghost – Bird – Ghost – Ghost.

“Just a bad ending,” Fitzpatrick said. “Just didn’t put in the punch holes that I needed in the last three. Just pathetic. Yeah, just ended up with a really pathetic bat.”

Clarke poked his 14th hit to 9 under, then stunned the next two. On Bar 5 15, he drove into the right lane bunker and rescued the Ghost by 10 feet. In Round 3 of 16, he missed a 7½-foot attempt at par after hitting short and straight into the vault.

“Honestly, I played really well,” Clark said. “It was tough out there. It was windy, and there were some hard placements for the pins. You guys saw, these greens are really tough and you’re going into some tough spots where you have to be defensive even 10 to 15 feet.”

Clark opened with 63 on Thursday after rallying Monday for the 36-hole US Open qualifier to get on the field next week at The Country Club outside Boston.

The Masters champion was Scottie Scheffler 4 under the age of 67.

Aaron Cockrell and Nick Taylor were two of the top Canadians, tied for twenty-first for second. Cockerill, on his PGA Tour debut, shot a 68. Taylor had a 70.

“First PGA Tour event and I’m in decent shape as the weekend approaches,” Cockrell said. “Kind of where I want to be and see if we can throw one low on the board tomorrow and see what happens.”

PGA Champion Justin Thomas was also second under 69.

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