Emma Radokano is still young: leave her alone

Winning four grand slams at the age of 18 was definitely a blessing and a curse, at the same time Emma Radukano. The very young British tennis player, after winning the US Open 2021 in the teenage final against Lille Fernandez, has shown a confident and strong ruler in tennis.

Then, from that victory, an endless chasm of mediocre performances, disappointing eliminations, physical problems and staff changes. At the same time, Emma became the object of the desire of many famous brands, who wanted to occupy her young face to make her a certificate.
Too much, perhaps too much, for a young tennis player who has not yet trained on the court.

But the rain of criticism I’ve received in recent months, according to your writer, is unfair. No harm if a young, beautiful and ambitious girl like Raducanu devote part of her time to patrons or fashion.

It is passed by all the strongest, most successful and unknown athletes. On an equal footing. Obviously, if a girl wins a title and then doesn’t repeat herself, she will immediately be categorized as The new Eugenie Bouchardall social media and zero court (according to the haters of course).

Emma is young and has time to prove her worth: if not, then her luck in New York helped her, but this does not mean that she is less professional or interested in her profession. Raducanu is small, leave it alone.

Meanwhile, the first grasscourt championship was not so lucky. At the WTA in Nottingham, the world number eleven was forced to retire against Golubek. She said, “I’m not really sure what exactly happened, and I don’t know what I could have done about it.

I have to check out and we’ll see who’s there. It’s on my body side, maybe feel it around my ribs. You don’t want to stop. After a game or two and trying to face him, I also found myself up 3-1.

At that point, I knew it was only a matter of time to be honest. I obviously could not serve, and because of this point, I had to move everything, to turn, to move, to serve, inhale and exhale. “Also last year, in Nottingham, Emma couldn’t make it to the first round of the tournament.

Two weeks later, the British were preparing to step into the most important stage of tennis, Wimbledon. At the Grand Slam, the young tennis player, then 18, advanced to the round of 16 and retired with Ajla Tomljanovic for reasons of concern: “If you had told me last year, in Nottingham, that I would have made it to the fourth round of the tournament. Wimbledon, I would have said: Yes, yes!

It’s been a good week and I think I was able to use that momentum. All summer I continued to do well and got a big win at the US Open.”

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