GM Chuck Fletcher’s Flyers on potential York cam: ‘Exactly what we need’

Chuck Fletcher said with an almost desperate laugh.

The General Manager of the Flyers faces a daunting daunting situation as he has to search for answers at nearly every turn.

Boy, would he love an answer to cut his way out of the house.

“Cam York, to me, is a young man who will have a very bright future in this league, precisely because the attributes he brings are exactly “What we need,” Fletcher said at his season-ending press conference on May 3. In terms of being able to go back, get the disc, and skate on it if needed, make the first swipe. If it is not there, look for the second option. He has all of those abilities and not every defenseman has them. We have some defense candidates who can improve our defense a lot.”

Having missed the playoffs in the past two seasons, the Flyers have conceded 3.56 goals per game, tying with the worst in the NHL. After the Flyers’ 25-46-11 season this year, Fletcher lamented his team’s exit from the defensive zone.

“We were defending the whole time and that’s something we have to look at,” Fletcher said. “We didn’t get out of Zone D well enough. So there are definitely things that we have to look at in terms of our structure and our details. We didn’t have enough tweaks and when you were defending all the time, bad things happen.”

Flyers hopes York is on the cusp of being an important full-time treat. The skilled and elusive 21-year-old defensive man has all the components of a disc drive. He has the ability to organize the attack and Fletcher granted his wish: keep the pilots in the attack zone and out of the defensive zone.

Yorke was Fletcher’s first-ever draft and assistant general manager Brent Flaher in Flyers’ running time. They picked him 14th in 2019. He’s an important player for this officer. The current system will start to see its draft choices affect the posts and needs many of them to make a transformation.

After making his NHL debut in a three-game starter at the end of 2020-21, York has seen 30 appearances for the Flyers this season. He finished with three goals, seven assists and a minus 14 mark in 19:05 minutes per game.

There were some very good glimpses. Two of his goals came against Rangers, the finalist of the Hart Cup, Igor Shesterkin. Down the extension, he saw big minutes playing alongside him on the top pair with Ivan Provorov. Half of his points came in his last 10 matches (1 goal, 4 assists).

“It’s obviously been a crazy year, chaotic at times. I think we are all confident in my abilities and we all know what I can do. Just keep going, have a great summer and do a lot of things,” York said at his end-of-season press conference on April 30. The good ones in June. Keep moving forward and hopefully next year you’ll be a full-time NHLer, a warrior guy, a guy who plays a lot of minutes and plays hard, stuff like that. I have high expectations, I always have. I’m going to continue to feel that way.”

York has missed the Flyers’ last nine games with a foot injury. He suffered a hairline fracture on April 12 when he halted Alex Ovechkin’s burst of power during the first period of the Flyers’ 9-2 loss to the Capitals.

He already finished the game, playing 19:42 minutes.

“Yes,” he said, laughing.

“It was really painful… I think the adrenaline started there in the second half. In the third, it started really hurting. I managed to finish the match, but it was definitely not comfortable. The foot was hurting really bad at the time, but she managed to finish the match.” Somehow “.

Yorke was planning to start his off-season training this month.

“It was hard for me just to tie my skate shoes,” he said. “The pressure of the skating was hurting my feet and I couldn’t push. It obviously sucked and it was a time of year that I definitely wished I could play.

“Everything is fine, it feels good now. I will continue to progress here and maybe come back to it at the beginning of June.”

York will do so in Voorhees, New Jersey at the Flyers Training Center.

It’s an important summer for an important piece for the Fletcher and the Flyers.

“I think it would be useful to me,” York said. “It’s always good to be around the facilities and keep building relationships with the coaches and staff. I think it’s going to be good for me and I think it’s good for everyone here.”

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