Velez extends his winning streak to 9 games behind Zach Wheeler

Philly had two kinds of momentum on their side on Saturday.

Apparently Numero uno was an eight-game winning streak they had in the middle contest for a three-game streak against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Numero Dos was the man on the pitcher’s hill.

Zach Wheeler continued his recent streak of dominance in leading the thrilling Velez Habanero to a 4-0 victory over the Diamondbacks.

It was Phillies’ ninth straight win, matching their longest win since 2011, with the team winning nine straight wins en route to a club record 102 victories. (The team’s record for most consecutive wins is 13, most recently in 1991.)

Saturday’s win has improved coach Rob Thompson to 8-0 since Joe Girardi took over when the team was aged 22-29. At 30-29, the Phils passed 0.500 for the first time since the season were five days old and they were 3-2.

What an amazing ride with so many wins, so much strength – Phils hit 22 over his nine winning streak – and so much of a good start.

“Everything is going well,” Thompson said. “We just have to keep it going.

“We got to .500. Now he shoots for five players. Once we get there, he shoots 10 more.”

Wheeler was given an early break in the first half by Rhys Hoskins and an RBI song by Nick Castellanos.

After the first half, rookie Bryson Stott climbed to Homer’s fourth in his last eight games, with a two-round shot to the right, to give Philadelphia a 3-0 lead.

Wheeler and Bullen made him stand.

“He got ahead, his stuff was good, it was Zack,” Thompson said of Wheeler, who entered the match with 1.61 ERAs in his previous seven starts.

The right-handed man continued his dominance with six rounds. He delivered two hits, didn’t walk with nothing, hit eight hits and broke a set of bats. All in all, just another good day for Wheeler, who did not accompany the team to Milwaukee during the week as he and wife Dominic welcomed his daughter Bambi.

After returning to Philadelphia with his family, Wheeler said he was fascinated by his teammates’ follow-up and their winning streak.

“I was just hoping it would come back to me and keep it going,” he said. “We managed to do it.”

During his last eight starts, Wheeler gave up only eight earned runs in 51-degree runs for an ERA of 1.39. He scored 64 strikes and only 11 walked over that distance.

In seven starts at Citizens Bank Park this season, Wheeler has given up seven winning runs in 42⅓ innings for a 1.49 ERA.

He rides a goalless 34-stroke at home.

Wheeler was off 98 shots after six runs and the balb protected the lead. Right-hander Andrew Bellati had the biggest score in the game after the Diamondbacks held the rules with three singles against the Jeurys Familia.

With tensions escalating and a streak of big wins on the goal line emerging, Bellati stepped in and hitter Kettle-Mart retired on a volley into midfield to end the threat.

“It was a very intense situation and I enjoyed it,” Belati said.

Ceranthon Dominguez was unavailable after his show for two days in a row, so Thompson went to Pelati.

“That’s what you have to do,” Thompson said. “He’s the next guy when someone falls and he’s done it, and he’s got a great deal.”

Brad Hand made the eighth game scoreless and Christopher Sanchez grabbed the last three after Phils pushed the lead to 4-0 and Cory Nebel came down with a stiff shoulder as the ball heated up.

Thompson is the second Phillies manager to start his career 8-0, joining 1915 Premier League champion Pat Moran in Phils. He’s the first major league manager to start his career with eight straight wins since Joe Morgan’s 1988 Red Sox. Morgan succeeded John McNamara mid-season and won his first 12 games.

In Boston, they called it Morgan Magic.

Torrid Thomson makes all the right calls. Bilati made him look good on the seventh. Matt Ferling gave six plays (and suddenly appeared) in his first-ever show (and we mean Ever) The game in the second rule.

“The ball will find you,” Vierling joked after the match. “I kind of figured it would affect me a lot.”


“Yes,” he said, “but it kind of went after the first—and then they just kept coming.”

Phils goes on a third straight sweep and 10 straight wins on Sunday with the Ranger Suarez on the hill.

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